Wirwear Garment Packaging Supplies

There are many types of clothing packaging supplies, which not only protect clothing, but also enhance brand image and consumers’ shopping experience.

Wirwear clothing packaging supplies attaches great importance to the principles of circular economy, sustainable development and zero waste.Helping you achieve your sustainability and circularity goals!

Packaging bags and boxes

Plastic Bag
Non-woven Fabric Bags
Non-woven Bags
packaging box
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Labels And Tags

Brand Label
Hang tag
Product Label
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Protective Equipment

Dust Bag
Wrapping Paper
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Wirwear Garment Packaging Supplies Advantage

Strict Quality Control
Strict Quality Control

Every step in the production of Garment packaging supplies enables us to deliver high-quality products on time.

100% Eco-Friendly Materials
100% Eco-Friendly Materials

We choose certified green materials for all our garment packaging supplies. Reduce negative environmental impact.

10+ Years of Field Experience
10+ Years of Field Experience

In 2008, Wirwear was committed to producing clothing packaging supplies, especially clothing labels.

OEKO-TEX STEP verified
OEKO-TEX STEP verified

Wirwear attained sustainable textile production or STEP certification.

Common types of clothing packaging

Different types of clothing have different types of packaging.

  • Standing bag: shirt (90° angle)
  • Paperback: Sportswear/Shirts/Pants
  • Hanger bags: blazers, coats, pants
  • Semi-stand bag: shirt
  • Half fold bag: pants

Free choice of garment packaging supplies

Ties, socks, t-shirts, shirts, belts, scarves and more, no matter what clothing you sell, we have a huge selection of packaging supplies like hangers, collar stays, clips, labels and more.

Wirwear also offers customizable packaging supplies for the apparel industry. We utilize cutting-edge technology to provide state-of-the-art custom packaging supplies for any occasion that are waterproof and strong to protect your products.

Sustainable Development

Wirwear helps customers choose the most appropriate clothing packaging type and design to meet your specific needs.

At the same time, we focus on environmental protection and sustainable development, and can provide environmentally friendly materials and environmentally friendly production practices to move towards a sustainable packaging journey.

Sustainable Garment Packaging Supplies Solutions

Because packaging pollutes the planet, and we know how to eliminate this impact and achieve sustainable development.

  • Choose ink color
    Choose dark green or black ink or a combination of both. May contain other colors.
  • Recyclability
    Closing the consumption loop is the most effective way to reduce waste. Everything in our garment packaging supplies can be broken down and recycled.
  • Compostable packaging
    All garment packaging supplies comply with ASTM D6400, ISO 17088 and EN 13432 standards for compostable plastics, ensuring our materials are environmentally friendly enough.
Are there any special items for garment packaging supplies? We'll be happy to assist you.

Whether you’re a high-end retailer, innovative start-up or established fashion brand, our team is here to help.

  • “great product, great services and really quick turn around to arrive in Australia. I will be ordering again from this company.”

  • “It’s been a pleasure working together, we love our garment packaging supplies and can’t wait to continue working with Wirwear.”

  • “Wirwear provides high quality clothing packaging supplies for our clothing brands. The labels never come off after the clothes are machine washed, and I am very happy with the packaging bag.”

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