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A clothing label is a type of tag used for giving specific information to customers. Typically, a piece of card, paper, fabric, or any metal is attached to a certain product. Some sort of clothing labels is adhesive, woven, printed, embroidered, etc. This clothing label has massive importance for clothing businesses. It serves as the most effective way of promoting and advertising certain clothing brands among public customers. Furthermore, it emphasizes the company’s commitment and manufacturing process. 

Wirwear is among the trusted manufacturer to rely on clothing labels. You have complete creative freedom in designing and customizing your clothing labels, and we have our group of expert designers to provide some assistance. Your originality and inventiveness can give you ease and convenience in resenting your brand identity and image. Inquire us right now!

Woven Label

The most common loom collar label is woven from polyester yarn.

Care Label

Care label comes with text and symbol instructions for use.

Silicone labels

We customize Silicone Label, using premium material.

Clothing Metal Labels

labels accessories that are used for accentuating different types of clothing.

Hang Tag

For custom-printed hang tags, we used cutting-edge digital printing technology

leather Labels
leather Label

Our leather patches are shaped and debossed to any items.

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Why Choose Wirwear Clothing Labels

Brand Recognition. Clothing labels give an advantage and opportunity for all designers in promoting clothing brands. That is an effective platform to be used for advertising brand identity, conveying important information, and being more visibly recognizable among customers. Furthermore, the creativity of clothing labels will give additional factors to attract more customers in an instant. 

Communicate Details to the Materials. The representation of the materials used for product fabrication is one of the vital aspects of clothing labels. This clothing label will give sufficient detail of information on what materials are utilized for making clothes or other garment products that allow customers to decide whether to buy or not.

Care Content. The clothing label is also an effective introduction to knowing how to properly care for clothes. It will help every customer ease on how to maintain their clothes. This includes stating how to wash them and if they are suitable for machine-wash or handwashing, etc.

Why Choose Wirwear Clothing Labels
Wirwear Clothing Label Customization Options

Wirwear Clothing Label Customization Options

With over decades of manufacturing experience, Wirwear is still active in offering complete customization options for clothing labels, this includes:

  • Logos
  • Slogans/Quotes
  • Colors
  • Versatile label designs
  • Text/Messages
  • Sewing style
  • Frames
  • Symbols
  • Extras 

With our expert designers and fabricators, we can produce any clothing labels with your desired, precise, and typical styles and designs at the most budget-friendly cost.

Common Clothing Labels Style

Here is Wirwear, we offer different style of clothing labels, mainly:

  • Woven Labels. The woven label is a type of clothing label that permanently stays in the clothes or garment. 
  • Swing Tag. It is another form of clothing label that carries both item identification and brand promotion. Made in a variety of materials such as fabrics, metal, paper board, plastics, wood, etc. 
  • Non-woven Labels. This can be produced using numerous fabrics. It becomes popular nowadays since it utilizes different imaging techniques, generally embossing, printing, and embroidery.
  • Care and Content Label. This clothing label utilizes familiar symbols and terms which are universally recognized. It indicates the softness range, fabric sturdiness, and quality standard. Also, this label also gives short yet informative advice on how to maintain clothes.  
  • Plantable Seed Labels. An eco-friendly and remarkable clothing label designed using biodegradable environmentally-safe paper. A new type of clothing label that consumers can instantly bury after removing from the garment. 
Common Clothing Labels Style

Excellent Quality Clothing Labels, Even Superior Services - Wirwear

Complete Manufacturing Equipment.

With our world-class and high-end technologies, Wirwear is capable to produce and deliver the highest quality clothing labels. 

Professional Designers.

We have professional designers and fabricators who experience decades of years and are still passionate about providing elite clothing labels’ artwork and designs. 

High-Quality from the Beginning to the End.

Wirwear aim to surpass every expectation of all customers from materials selection, R&D, manufacturing process, customization, and inspection to delivery.

Fast Production Process.

We can produce more than thousands of clothing labels daily with high accuracy. Whatever you order, we’ve got you covered!

Fast Turn-around Time.

Wirwear offers the fastest services and responses to all customers. We also guarantee the quickest delivery for all your orders in minimal time. 

Low MOQ.

Also, Wirwear offers very low MOQ for all clothing labels for both small and large businesses.

Wirwear Your Reliable Manufacturer and Supplier in China
Wirwear Your Reliable Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Clothing labels provide the best chance to give good finishing quality to your end products. Wirwear uses advanced metal processing technology to research and develops new and special products for the customer.

  • “I really loved this new clothing label I purchased from Wirwear! The quality is very authentic and was exactly what I’m always looking for. Everything underwent smoothly and came at the right time. Good job Wirwear!”

  • “All my needed clothing labels are always available and provided by Wirwear. Their customer service is highly appreciable. I really value how kind and understanding they are especially when I am asking countless questions. They always satisfy me with their words and actions! Great job!”

  • “Wirwear never fails me to satisfy my needs and wants. They always give me the best clothing label based on my requirement and desired designs. Very beneficial for promoting my clothing projects and businesses”.

  • “Wirwear is very exceptional! They are always responsible for all their duties. Outstanding quality clothing label at a great pricing rate! Thank you Wirwear!”

Are Clothing Labels Necessary?

In short, YES!

The clothing label has an essential part and gives a huge contribution to the apparel industry. 

The clothing label is designed not only to establish clothing and brand identity but they are authentically required to provide important and correct information. 

In fact, clothing label also gives certain protection and assurance that the product conforms to the desired quality standards

Moreover, this also gives specific instructions that largely help customers to have the best car for all the clothes they purchased.

What Should Be Put Into The Clothing Labels?

A clothing label is needed to have the following pieces of information:

  • Fiber Content
  • Country of Origin (e.g. Made from, Manufactured from, etc.)
  • Washing and Care Instructions
  • Manufacturer Identifications
  • Other Necessary Factors (e.g. garment sizes, colors, product materials, established year, etc.)
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