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A zipper also known as a slide fastener is a tool for binding two edges of fabric together. It consists of two material strips with plastic or metal teeth and a sliding piece. Zipper is commonly used in camping gear, bags, and clothing such as jeans and jackets. It is available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Wirwear is a leading zipper manufacturer in China. We specialize in the design and production of all kinds of zippers in diverse materials. Our zippers include metal zippers, nylon zippers, resin zippers, plastic zippers, zipper sliders, and many more. Wirwear can also provide customized zippers as per the client’s unique requirements.

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Zipper Pull

The zipper pull is great for jackets, duffel bags, and packs. It can also be hung on key rings, mobile phones, purses, etc.

Nylon Zipper

Our nylon zippers are flexible and lightweight for easier zipping. It comes with a brightly, smooth-colored surface.

Metal Zipper

Wirwear metal zipper is perfect for use for coats, jackets, purses, handbags, sewing, crafts, bags, and many more.

Invisible Zipper

Our invisible zipper can be customized with numerous textures and colors to match different applications and blend into the garment.

Plastic Zipper

Wirwear plastic zipper has a tough texture to resist corrosion and wear. It can be added with decorations to make it unique and personalized.

Waterproof Zipper

The waterproof zipper is treated to resist corrosion and moisture. They can be made from PVC or rubber for durability.

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Why Choose Wirwear Zipper

Production Advantage
Production Advantage

Wirwear manufactures zippers and other garment accessories for more than 15 years, consisting of high-tech mass production bases.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

All our zippers have passed numerous industry certifications including OEKO-TEX100, ISO14001:2004, and ISO9001:2008.

R&D Capacity
R&D Capacity

With over 380 patents, Wirwear has grown into a leading zipper manufacturer in China with excellent technical R&D strength.

Fashion Connection
Fashion Connection

We can provide fashionable zippers and other fashionable accessories such as custom-made pullers, sliders, teeth colors, tapes, etc.

Wholesale Zipper Supplier

Wirwear can guarantee excellent zippers intended for your home textiles, footwear, travel and luggage items, apparel, and many more. We have rich experience in manufacturing wholesale zippers along with our excellent client support. This will give your business the support needed to outreach the next level.

Wholesale Zipper Supplier
Wirwear Zipper Standard Slider

Wirwear Zipper Standard Slider

Wirwear provides a high-quality zipper with a standard slider:

  • Non-lock slider
  • Automatic slider
  • Semi-automatic slider
  • Jeans slider
  • Pin lock slider
  • Reversible slider
  • Plastic slider
  • Key lock slider
  • Double pull

Wide Range of Application

  • Fashion Zipper: Fashionable sliders and zippers highlight the design and brand of the garments.
  • Shoes: Strong, dependable, and durable design of zipper and slider ensure the life of the boots and shoes.
  • Bags, Luggage: High-quality materials for zipper production ensure abrasion resistance.
  • Military, Automobiles, Workwear: Water and retardant available. Unique requirements can be exceeded.
  • Furniture: Our zipper fits numerous closets, furniture, etc.
  • Jeans, Tents, Bedding
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Wholesale Zipper Benefits Are Here

Professional Zipper Supplier in China
Wirwear – Professional Zipper Supplier in China

You Can Get Wholesale Zippers in One Place

At Wirwear, you can get wholesale zippers in bulk. We are able to produce millions of zippers per month.

Best Prices

Our team has over 200 professional technical employees to ensure we can do in-house processes. It allows us to maximize production costs and meets your expectations.

Working with Experts

Since the beginning, we are producing custom zippers for famous brands in the marketplace. Our customization options provide unlimited possibilities in manifest zippers.

Save More

Relying upon Wirwear company allows you to save your money and time. We support low minimum order quantity and free samples so you can experience our excellent services and try our products without spending a fortune.

With more than 15 years in the field, Wirwear provides comprehensive services for our valued customers through our complete range of zipper products. Our company has complete sets of advanced automatic machines, passes various certifications, and integrates regional industry advantage. Wirwear provides zipper products to our worldwide customers in a high-quality and fast way.

Wirwear has its own die-casting, molding, and plating plants to design and manufacture zippers according to your specifications. Fast service and strict quality control make our zipper products high reputation among customers.

Your Trusted Custom Zipper Manufacturer

We Can Customize Zipper for You
We Can Customize Zipper for You

Wirwear can manufacture custom zippers of any tapes, materials, colors, pulls, and specific teeth. We have the following capabilities to provide you the best custom zipper to showcase your brand:

  • Rich experience in the industry
  • Research and Development
  • Customization

We can customize your zipper according to your unlimited specifications.

One-Stop Wholesale Zipper and Turnkey Services
One-Stop Wholesale Zipper and Turnkey Services

Being your one-stop wholesale zipper supplier in China, we can help you save money and time and grow your business. If you rely upon us, you will experience complete services from the first day we design your zipper until delivery.






Quality Control and In-House Production
Quality Control and In-House Production

Wirwear has passed ISO9001 certifications and OEKO-TEX standards, ensuring a reliable production process and strict quality control. With more than 15 years of experience in the production of zipper products, our high productivity provides our customers with minimum costs and risks on their end.

Eco-Friendly Technologies and Materials
Eco-Friendly Technologies and Materials

Wirwear cares for the earth, so we can create eco-friendly materials with minimum carbon footprints. It is the reason why our customers stay with us. Most of our customers are confident that they can get an eco-friendly wholesale zipper.

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