Wirwear Waterproof Zipper

The waterproof zippers are commonly used in a ski suit, cold suit, nautical suit, down jacket, diving suit, boat and car cover, raincoat, tent, waterproof shoes, fishing suit, luggage, and other waterproof-related products.

Waterproof Zipper Specification

Zipper Type Open-End, Closed-End, Two-Way Closed-End, Two-Way Open End, Long Chain
Size #3, #5, #8, #10
Length Customized
Pulls Semi-Auto Lock, Auto Lock, Non-Lock, Pin Lock Double Pullers
Color Card TPX, Pantone, GCC, ICC, or Customized
Certifications ISO14001, ISO9001, SGS
Advantage AZO-free, Eco-friendly material, Nickel-free
MOQ 100 pcs.
Silkscreen Waterproof Zipper
Silkscreen Waterproof Zipper
Open-End Nylon Waterproof Zipper
Two-Tone Waterproof Zipper
Two-Tone Waterproof Zipper
Heterochromatic Scoops Waterproof Zipper
Waterproof Zipper Heterochromatic Scoops
Nylon Waterproof Zipper with Special Surface
Special Surface Nylon Waterproof Zipper
Reversed Nylon Waterproof ZipperReversed Nylon Waterproof Zipper
Reversed Nylon Waterproof Zipper
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Wirwear Waterproof Zipper Advantage

  • AZO-free dyeing, eco-friendly, high color fastness, accurate color matching
  • Lead-free, nickel-free
  • Outstanding teeth strength, 2X lateral strength of the national standard
  • Thick and soft, flat tape
  • Firm and standard packaging, zippers are well protected
  • High production capacity, prompt delivery with guaranteed quality
  • Rich experienced service team with fast response
Wirwear Waterproof Zipper Advantage

Wirwear – Your Top Wateproof Zipper Manufacturer

Excellent Bulk Price

We can provide affordable waterproof zippers at excellent bulk rates. It can help you save on the cost of manufacturing and enables you to earn more.

Project-Friendly MOQ

Whether you are an established brand or a budding business, Wirwear has a manageable order quantity. This means you can order as much as your budget allows or market.

Complete Design Option

Wirwear offers a wide range of design options, from avant-garde to classic design. Our range of design options allows you to modify your specific requirements and boost your waterproof zippers.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Wirwear utilizes a high-end production process and modern technology to improve our waterproof zipper’s consistency and quality.

Timely Services

Normally, our scheduled delivery time is 4 to 6 working days. For customized waterproof zipper orders, our team prepares a production plan. It can ensure that the project will be completed accordingly.


Our range of waterproof zippers is 100% environmentally-friendly. Our facility is successfully passed the environmental protection in OEKO-TEX standard.

Waterproof Zipper Customization

Waterproof Zipper Type
Waterproof Zipper Type

Wirwear provides various types of waterproof zippers. We can customize your waterproof zipper with the type suitable for the application.

  • Open End
  • Two-Way Closed End
  • Closed End
  • Two-Way Open End
Waterproof Zipper Sizes
Waterproof Zipper Sizes

We can provide waterproof zippers with the selections to customize the entire size according to the desired applications.

  • #3
  • #4
  • Small #5, Big #5
  • #8, #10


Waterproof Zipper Film
Waterproof Zipper Film

The zipper films are crucial and one of the main zipper parts. We can provide diverse surface finish options based on your needs.

  • Glossy Transparent Film
  • Korean Film
  • Color Film
  • Matte Transparent Film
Waterproof Zipper Application
Waterproof Zipper Application

The waterproof zippers are used in suits and products that require waterproofing. Wirwear has numerous waterproof zippers for different applications, such as:

  • Tent
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Diving suit
  • Raincoat, etc.

Why Wirwear Waterproof Zipper is Trusted by 1000+ Clients

Modern Dyeing Techniques
Modern Dyeing Techniques
  • Zipper dyeing utilized Dystar colorants which can provide our zippers with high-end quality colors.
  • It won’t fade when exposed to water frequently
Upgraded Cloth Tapes
Upgraded Cloth Tapes
  • Wirwear is upgrading high-density AA-grade of silk thread cloth tapes.
  • It can guarantee zipper durability and smooth operation.
Perfect Zipper Sliders
Perfect Zipper Sliders
  • Our team uses high-quality sliders produced from excellent quality zinc alloys.
  • It improves the wear resistance, endurance, and sturdiness of our waterproof zipper.
In-House Production Line
In-House Production Line
  • Wirwear established in-house manufacturing lines to guarantee consistent quality and speed-up production.
  • Our production line is equipped with advanced production tools and manned by professionals.
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