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Make your garments and other products stand out with the custom hang tags from Wirwear! Our custom hang tags provide an elegant and professional look to your products!




Custom Hang Tag

Custom hang tags are ideal for branding your apparel, home goods, and other types of products. They can be made from different materials such as fabric, paper, cardboard, plastic, and many more. These tags are attached to the garments, merchandise, bags, shoes, and other products. They are used for providing care instructions about the product, prices, company information, manufacturer name, and other information.

Wirwear manufactures durable hang tags that are well-designed and have professional look which makes your brand get noticed and shine through. Our hang tags come in different shapes, colors, designs, features, materials, and other options.

Variety of Applications

Wirwear offers hang tags that are widely used for various applications and industries.

Cornering Options

  • Circular
  • Clipped
  • Custom Shape or Die Cut
    Custom Shape or Die Cut
  • Scalloped
  • Rounded

String Options

Hang tags have strings that come in various lengths, colors, and materials such as:

  • mercerized cotton
  • polished cotton twine
  • cotton/poly blend
  • elastics
  • ribbon
  • natural option such as jute

The strings can be looped or knotted depending on your requirements.

String Options
Private Label Clothing Manufacturers

Hang Tag Coatings

Glossy – Hang tags that have a glossy surface have a mirror-like finish, which can help demonstrate the sturdiness of garments such as raincoats, cotton shirts, and jeans. They can help your garment stand out due to their vibrant shine.

Matte – The tags that have a matte finish are ideal for luxury brands. They can make your clothing look elegant. Their sophisticated look makes them ideal for muted colors, neutral colors, and lengthier texts.

High Gloss UV – Tags with high gloss UV finish have a greater shine and adds extra depth to every design element. They are durable, chemical-resistant, and abrasion-resistant.

Printing Options

For custom-printed hang tags, we used cutting-edge digital printing technology, offset lithography printing systems, and other state-of-the-art printing equipment to ensure a superior quality printed image. We offer:

  • Black or (PMS) pantone matching system
  • Full-color printing processes such as digital, CMYK offset lithography, etc.
  • One or two-sided color printing
  • Close registration
  • Embossing and debossing
  • Screens and bleeds
  • Pantone colors
  • Spot color
Printing Options
Reinforcements and Holes

Reinforcements and Holes

Usually, hang tags are reinforced with either metal eyelets or fiber patches. The reinforcement makes sure that they won’t be removed from the item to which they are attached.
The common and standard sizes of the holes are 3/8” and 3/16”. Metal eyelets and standard fiber patches can fit these sizes.
To meet your exact requirements, the hole shapes, hole sizes, and reinforcements can be customized as per your request.

Special Features
Special Features

To meet any application and business needs, the hang tags can be designed with special or optional features such as:

  • Perforation
  • Consecutive numbering
  • Adhesive strips
  • Die cut hanging features
  • Folded designs
  • Barcoding/QR/UPC
  • Laminating
  • Eyelets
  • Pins
  • Grommets
Printed Hang Tag
Printed Hang Tag

Hang tags can be printed with your:

  • Logo or Branding
  • Product or contact information
  • Price
  • Designs
  • Tagline
  • Product care tips and directions
  • Social media channels
  • Bar code
  • Other information

Materials Used

Metal Materials
Metal Materials

Hang tags can be made from different types of metal such as:

  • stainless steel
  • alloy
  • iron
  • copper and more

Metal hang tags are used for denim clothes and to accentuate the styles of the garments.

Paper Materials
Paper Materials

We offer hang tags made from paper materials such as

  • recycled paper and cardboard
  • kraft paper and coated paper
  • double-faced and single-faced paperboard
  • corrugated paper and insulating paper
  • and more
Textile Materials
Textile Materials

The hang tags can also be made from various types of textile materials such as:

  • canvas
  • cotton fabrics
  • chemical fiber
  • silk

Textile or fabric hang tags are commonly used on leisure clothing and other garments.

Leather Materials
Leather Materials

Different types of leather materials can be used for denim and leather garments. They are used to represent the fabric of the clothing itself. Leather hang tags can be made from different types of leather materials such as:

  • all types of animal skin
  • fur
  • leather and more
Other Materials
Other Materials

Additionally, hang tags can also be made from

  • all types of mixed materials
  • rubber
  • plastic
  • wood
  • “It’s a pleasure to work with Workwear. They customized my tags exactly to my request. The tags are also durable and professional-looking. Their tags and customer service are both great!”

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