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Wirwear provides state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities for RFID tags with market-leading performance. We combine decades of RFID tag experience in the world’s top insertion and concealment equipment with innovative RFID technology to provide our customers with best-in-class solutions.

Wirwear RFID Labels

RFID labels combine a variety of inlays, each with a unique chip, bond wire, and antenna, with a variety of printable materials, making them suitable for a variety of applications in a variety of environments. Our smart labels are designed to work with a variety of RFID printers.

Wirwear RFID labels are widely used in supply chain and inventory to enable RFID tracking. Each RFID tag can be printed and encoded to your specifications.

Talk to one of our RFID experts to make sure the RFID equipment you operate is compatible.

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RFID Label For All Solutions

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is used to identify, track and trace all types of products. The conversion and manufacturing of RFID tags includes integrating IC circuits in useful formats for printing and encoding so that all users have a solution suitable for their application.

There are many applications for different industries: logistics, industry, pharmaceuticals, clothing stores, NFC, airlines, bookstores, etc.

Wirwear Offers Extensive RFID Services

Wirwear will ensure a successful implementation into your business processes and you will get the most out of your RFID hardware and software. We manufacture and develop RFID tags according to your needs.

When selecting RFID services, we will advise you on suitable equipment, how to implement it, how it will integrate with your current processes, and the best performance to expect.

The accumulation of real experience provides us with a prism rich in detail and execution.

RFID Label Connected products

NFC solutions enable us to connect products to the network and interact with the end consumer, or in the case of more industrial companies, authenticate items, making the Internet of Things (IoT) a reality.

Wirwear offers you a comprehensive solution that enables you to track and monitor all items or equipment in real time.

Wirwear Advantages And Skills


  • Nearly 10 years of RFID technology design and manufacturing experience.
  • RFID antenna research and design, etching, copper wiring to achieve customized performance and specifications.
  • Insertion, transformation and packaging for a variety of environments and applications.
  • Destructible design RF NFC inlays for anti-counterfeiting purposes in wine bottles, pharmaceutical containers, documents, packaging and industrial asset tracking.
  • Integrated RFID/NFC electronic ticketing solution for plastic cards, paper cards, wristbands, bracelets, etc.
  • Pressure sensitive RF NFC tags and tags come in custom designs on rolls.
  • Contactless Cards, Label Printing, Laminated RF NFC Manufacturing.

RFID Labels Are Classified By Operating Frequency

UHF Labels

UHF labels offer excellent performance and different memory options. Each product has a unique TID and carefully designed antenna to provide the same read quality across all Labels.

HF Labels

HF 13.56 MHz RFID technology is a globally recognized frequency in many RFID applications. The technology is ideally suited for product authentication and traceability solutions in the pharmaceutical industry.
High frequency tags and inlays provide better results when RFID is used in challenging environments such as liquids or metals.

LF Labels

Low frequencies (125-140 kHz) are used to identify people, animals, containers and boxes, or industrial applications with large amounts of metals or liquids. The magnetic field is very specific and has a reading range of several centimeters.

NFC Labels

NFC technology is a recognized standard in all types of markets around the world. NFC inlays can carry more data than barcodes, they are more secure and can be password protected, etc. NFC labels can be read with your phone, which allows you to interact between people and objects.

  • “Superior product quality. Delivery is quick. Amazing customer service. Extremely affordable prices for such high-quality goods!”

  • “Products are manufactured to specifications and of high quality. Delivered on time as requested; Wirwear has been a pleasure to work with and will be my preferred supplier for my next order.”

  • “really like ordering from this supplier for NFC products we have purchased stickers as well as NFC fobs. process is easy and they came just like we needed them.”

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