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Winwear is the ultimate choice if you are looking for custom cotton labels that have professional look, beautiful prints, and superior quality.

  • Available in any size, shape, color, and styles
  • Eco-friendly cotton
  • Tear-resistant
  • OEM and ODM services are available

Wirwear Cotton Label

Cotton labels are manufactured from natural cotton fibers. Naturally, they come in an off-white color. However, they can be dyed to any color or made completely white by bleaching them. They are very comfortable, flexible, and super soft. Additionally, they are ideal for eco-friendly clothing, garments, infant wear, home goods, furniture, footwear, etc.

Winwear manufactures cotton labels from the finest raw cotton materials and uses advanced machinery. We also offer custom cotton labels to match your brand’s visual identity. Our cotton labels can be customized with your designs, patterns, and logos.

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Various Types of Folds & Cuts We Offer

  • Straight Cut

    Wirwear manufactures straight cut cotton labels. Straight cut cotton labels are also called hot cut labels. They are preferred by individuals who want to avoid label folds.

  • Manhattan Fold
    Manhattan Fold

    The manhattan fold cotton labels are a fashion statement for woven labels since their top portion falls over the bottom fold and stitches, giving the label a finished appearance.

  • Book Fold
    Book Fold

    The book fold cotton labels are frequently used for making the text clearer. These kinds of labels are shorter from the top. Their underpart shows the made-in or size of the garment.

  • Loop Fold
    Loop Fold

    The loop fold cotton labels are commonly found on t-shirts. These types of labels are normally sewn from the top after being folded in the middle.

  • End Fold
    End Fold

    End fold cotton labels have stitches on their both right and left corners. Occasionally, the stitches are all around their four edges.

  • Mitre Fold
    Mitre Fold

    The mitre fold cotton labels are very convenient due to their hang-shaped loop that is seen at the back of most jackets and robes.

Cotton Material Colors

White Cotton

White cotton labels are made from durable, lightweight, and plain-weave cotton material.

Natural Cotton

Natural cotton labels are made from 100% organic cotton that prevents moisture from accumulating between your skin and the cotton label.

We can also custom-dye the cotton labels to any color you wanted.

Cotton Material Colors
Printed Cotton Label

Printed Cotton Label

Wirwear offers cotton labels that can be printed with your brand logo, name, or artwork. For printed cotton labels, we used specialty inks to make your brand stand out. The prints will also stay beautiful after numerous washes. Our printed cotton labels are commonly used for:

  • bed & bath
  • lingerie
  • other lifestyle products

Type of Cotton We Used

Here at Wirwear, we only use organic and natural cotton that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. We are using the highest quality and environmentally cotton materials.

Due to that, our cotton labels are stunning, extremely soft, and have an elegant look. They are also comfortable enough to tuck outside or inside garment.

Type of Cotton We Used
Printing Method

Printing Method

The cotton labels can be printed by flexographic printing or flexo label printing. In this printing method, flexible plates with a raised inked image solution are used. At each stage of the ink transfer onto a substrate, it results in both a single color and numerous colors that are correctly resting. When the colors are already settled, we will customize the cotton labels as per your specifications.

For printing labels, we use flexographic ink since it does not wash away, transfer, or fade after repeated usage. Your logo or artwork can be printed on the labels using the flexographic rotary printing machine. Accurate designs and vibrant colors are indeed the outcome of our professional flexographic printing.

Your Professional Cotton Label Supplier – Wirwear

Since 2008, Wirwear has been providing the best quality cotton labels and the highest level of services to customers globally. Our cotton labels have gained recognition due to their quality and durability. We manufacture them from premium quality, certified, and eco-friendly raw cotton materials. Along with that, we manufacture them in accordance with the market and international standards.

Wirwear also guarantees timely delivery, excellent customer support, and affordable rates. We have strict quality control to ensure we produce quality cotton labels.

  • Smooth and excellent finish for better appearance
  • Easy to stitch
  • Superior quality
  • Less maintenance
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Attractive design
  • Can withstand many washes

Cotton labels are widely used in the apparel industry. They are the perfect labels for:

  • infant bibs
  • t-shirts and denim jackets
  • women’s leggings
  • headwear and coat dresses
  • stuffed animals
  • bags

Moreover, they can be used for backpacks upholstery, bed sheets, interior furnishing fabrics, footwear, and other home goods.

Types of Cotton Labels

Standard Cotton Labels
Standard Cotton Labels

The standard cotton labels are the most popular cotton labels. They have 2 ends that are designed with a woven edge. Also, they have 2 ends that are cut. Standard cotton labels are:

  • Pliable
  • Thin
  • Super soft

Their back and front are the same in appearance and feel.

Cotton Canvas Labels
Cotton Canvas Labels

Wirwear is manufacturing cotton canvas labels. Compared to standard cotton labels, cotton canvas labels are thicker and heavier. Cotton canvas labels are:

  • soft to the touch
  • flexible
Cotton Twill Labels
Cotton Twill Labels

Wirwear is producing cotton labels that can be made from herringbone cotton or cotton twill. This kind of material features a woven design. Cotton twill labels have features like:

  • very comfortable
  • flexible
  • super soft
Poly-Cotton Labels
Poly-Cotton Labels

At Wirwear, we offer high-quality poly-cotton labels. Poly-cotton labels are a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Their fabric has an appearance and feels similar to regular cotton labels, however, it might be a little thinner.

Their advantage is that their 2 cut edges can be heat sealed in order to prevent fraying more quickly than other cotton materials.

What is the Difference Between Cotton Canvas and Cotton Twill Labels?

Cotton canvas labels have a rugged look and look thick. On the other hand, cotton twill labels are also very durable yet soft.

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