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Hangers are not only an essential tool for clothing display, but also a part of the brand image.

At Wirwear, we focus on high-yield and high-quality customization of hangers to meet your large-volume customization needs. Our goal is to customize clothing racks that meet your needs and provide support for the perfect display of your clothing.

Clothing hanger types

Wooden Hangers
Metal Hanger
Plastic Hangers
Biodegradable Hangers
Velvet Hanger
Fabric Hangers
Mixed Material Hanger
Rattan Hanger
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Wirwear Hanger Advantage

Strict Quality Control
Strict Quality Control

Each step in the production of hanger enables us to provide high-quality goods on schedule.

100% Eco-Friendly Materials
100% Eco-Friendly Materials

We choose certified sustainable materials for all our hangers to reduce negative environmental impact.

10+ Years of Field Experience
10+ Years of Field Experience

In 2008, Wirwear devoted itself to the production of clothing accessories, including hangers.

OEKO-TEX STEP verified
FSC verified

Wirwear is sustainably produced and FSC certified.

Wirwear Hanger Customization

We have strong customization capabilities to ensure product quality while providing competitive prices.
We can customize hangers of various styles, sizes, and designs according to customer needs to meet customer needs from small batches to large batches, ensuring that customers receive value-for-money products.

Hanger Machine

High-yield And High-quality Hangers

We are committed to producing high-quality clothes hangers, including using high-quality raw materials, advanced production equipment and strict quality control processes to ensure that each clothes hanger meets customer requirements.

Sustainable Material Hangers

Wirwear focuses on environmental protection and sustainable development and is able to provide environmentally friendly materials and environmentally friendly production practices.
Customers can choose from a wide range of materials and processes, Wirwear offers unique sustainable solutions without compromising on the luxury or design of the hanger

Is there a special hanger program? We'll be happy to assist you.

Whether you’re a high-end retailer, innovative start-up, or renowned fashion brand, our team will help you. We provide OEM and ODM services for your hangers.

  • “I received the order, it has been completed and we are very satisfied with the quality. Thanks wirwear hanger products!”

  • “Wirwear is one of our favorite suppliers for hanger development because their technical skills are so high. Wirwear is an excellent partner for our company because of its global presence.”

  • “Wirwear offers high quality hangers for our clothing brands in great sizes, colours, trouser racks and hooks.”

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