Custom Twill Tapes Manufacturer

Wirwear produced high-standard and custom twill tapes for your business. Lightweight and heavyweight twill tapes, multicolor, ideal for sewing and stitching purposes. Customize your products at a cost-effective rate here!

  • Optimum and durable finish
  • High strength and tear resistance
  • Labels are professionally printed
  • Available in all colors, materials, and lengths

Wirwear Custom Twill Tapes

Custom twill tape is a flat woven ribbon with a recognizable herringbone weave. It is more durable and long-lasting than other ribbon types. It can be manufactured from premium cotton, polyester, linen, or wool. Eco-friendly, strong, stylish-looking, and comfortable touch products. They come in all sorts of widths, colors, and designs you need. It can be used to reinforce seams, create casings, bind edges, tie curtains, coil cable, and create strong ties for clothing fasteners in sewing and tailoring. Applicable in industries such as garments, home furnishing, footwear, and more.

Wirwear produces a wide range of quality twill tapes with low-cost pricing with GOTS certification. We use quality-approved materials, sophisticated machines, and printing techniques. Our products are in high demand across the market as a result of their features, which include an ideal finish, attractive look, durability, high strength, tear resistance, etc. We support a large volume of production, free sampling, and fast lead time. Message us today!

Custom Twill Tapes
Custom Twill Tapes

Wirwear is an expert in custom twill tape production. Low-cost, lightweight, in a variety of finish solutions. Buy with confidence.

Cotton Twill Tapes
Cotton Twill Tapes

Widely used in clothing, bags, DIY, baby, shoes, etc. Comfortable to touch, lightweight, and breathable.

Polyester Twill Tapes
Polyester Twill Tapes

Easy to work with polyester twill tapes, once cut, it doesn’t unravel. Perfect for a sewing projects, like seaming, hemming, etc.

Printed Twill Tapes Labels
Printed Twill Tapes Labels

Printed design twill tapes label are skin-friendly, breathable, and refreshing. Customize to your requests.

Wool Twill Tapes
Wool Twill Tapes

Wool Twill Tapes has good gloss, relatively high-end. Can be used for making drawstrings,  labels, apron ties, etc.

Nylon Twill Tapes
Nylon Twill Tapes

Nylon twill tapes offer superior strength and durability. Used in bindings, industrial, apparel, general purpose, etc.

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Wirwear Twill Tapes Benefits


We use high-quality incredible material in adherence to worldwide quality morals. 100% cotton, polyester, linen, and more.

Wide Applications
Wide Applications

Due to its durability and strength, our twill tapes are used in clothing attire, footwear, etc.

Innovative Designs
Innovative Designs

Smooth finish high caliber designs of twill tapes that can surely boom your business.

Custom Option

You can request a custom design, sizes, print logo, patterns for your twill tape orders.

High Quality Twill Tapes Materials

Wirwear works with various excellent types of materials to meet your needs.

  • Cotton – is used to make soft, durable, and breathable twill tapes. Environmentally friendly gives a great structure and thickness to sewing.
  • Linen – versatile material for twill tape production. Linen twill tape can be used as a trim on a garment, ribbon, or tape inside a garment.
  • Polyester – bio-degradable material, wrinkle-resistant, and tear-resistant, strong and reduce shrinking.
  • Wool – durable material perfect for twill tape production. Add stability to jackets, binding edges, collars, and plackets, etc.
Custom Twill Tape Manufacturer
Custom Twill Tape Manufacturer

Custom Twill Tapes Applications

Twill tapes are used for various applications such as:

  • Split side seams
  • Drawstring on waistbands and cuffs
  • Stabilize seams
  • Bag handles
  • Tags and labels
  • Bunting (Binding)
  • Accessories and decorative
  • Make casings
  • Strong ties – for a hospital gown, aprons, or even cables

Custom Printed Twill Tapes for Your Business

Wirwear uses a high-quality printing process on textiles including block, roller, screen, and heat transfer printing. The process of adding color to fabric in specific patterns or designs is known as textile printing. We can also put the custom logo and brand company, custom message, and art you require. These prints are long-lasting, washable, and not easy to fade. Flexible quantity, fast process, and delivery.

Custom Twill Tape Manufacturer

Leading Twill Tapes Supplier in China - Wirwear

Wirwear can ,manufacture and supply a large volume of twill tapes in various materials, 100% cotton, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, natural-organic cotton, wool, and more. These materials are wear-resistant, eco-friendly, and thick. You can choose the size 1.0cm, 3.0cm, 4.0cm, 1 inch, or customize. Colors are available in white, red, blue, striped design, decorative and more. For more than 14 years, Wirwear focused on twill tapes and other related product manufacturing. We pay attention to the unique R&D, designing, manufacturing, and reliable service of garment raw materials and accessories and provide one-stop solutions. Message us for your specific request. Fast lead time, free samples, low MOQ. 

Custom Twill Tape Manufacturer
Custom Twill Tapes Features
  • A glossier, thicker finish
  • The twill material has a softer feel
  • Its elasticity surpasses that of plain weave
  • Superior appearance than to plain weave
  • Wide usage and can be customized
  • Soft and pliable
  • Flexible and sturdy
Custom Twill Tape Manufacturer
Why Choose Wirwear for Twill Tapes Productions
  • Strong manufacturing capabilities
  • Advanced production equipment and techniques
  • Customized in material, pattern, and colors to meet your required design
  • Professional hardware design researcher and development team supports us
  • All products meet international environmental protection standards and EU standards

Skyrocket Your Business with Wirwear Twill Tapes

Elastic Twill Tapes
Elastic Twill tapes
  • 10 mm to 110 mm size or customized
  • Soft textured, mildly elastic twill
  • Comfortable for the wearer
  • Ideal for use as elastic ear loops on fabric masks
Striped Polyester Twill Tapes
Striped Polyester Twill Tapes
  • Striped polyester twill tapes with diagonal lines form a sort of zigzag.
  • Ideal for backpack straps, climbing equipment, seat belts, and more.
  • Customized logo, customized packaging.
Colored Twill Tapes
Colored Twill Tapes
  • Wirwear supplies all types of twill tapes in multicolor, pink, red, khaki, gray, black, and more. Flexible and sturdy tapes.
  • Heat-set, water-repellant finish solutions
  • High visibility tie-downs for any outdoor enthu
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