Wirwear - Eyelets Manufacturer in China

Winwear provides custom eyelets with excellent qualities for small prototype projects or large production runs.

  • Designed with painted or chemical treatments
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Works with various metal materials

Custom Eyelets

Eyelets are tiny holes or perforations, utilized for fastening. They typically come with hooks or cords. These garment accessories are designed for both decorative purposes or functional. They are also called the “little eye” rings, preventing stretches and supporting the holes. Their holes are used for rope, threading a lace, or string through. Custom eyelets are typically made from plastics or metal rings. They are valuable for thinner textiles, helping them prevent abrasion. Moreover, these accessories strengthen the holes and secure them from jagged edges.

Custom Plating Eyelets
Custom Plating Eyelets

Custom plating eyelets feature nickel-free and are OEKO-TEX certified. They are ideal for crafts, leather, bags, etc. Various colors are available.

Garment Rivet Eyelets
Garment Rivet Eyelets

The garment rivet eyelets are applicable for canvas, garments, shoes, etc. These accessories are available in steel, brass, and copper materials.

Promotional Eyelets
Promotional Eyelets

Promotional eyelets are available in different colors and shapes, depending on requests. They have reasonable prices with custom diameter sizes.

Fashion Round Eyelets
Fashion Round Eyelets

Fashion round eyelets has smooth and round surfaces, durable, and have excellent gloss. They are available in rose, light gold, and gun black colors.

Nickel Fabric Eyelets
Nickel Fabric Eyelets

The nickel fabric eyelets are perfect for clothing, hats, bags, etc. These accessories are covered with fabrics in different colors and diameter sizes.

Vintage Style Eyelets
Vintage Style Eyelets

Vintage style eyelets have customizable materials, sizes, and styles per request. They have high strength, perfect for heavy hanging curtains.

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By Types & Installation

  • Standard Eyelets

    The standard eyelets are designed with typical shapes. They typically have long necks, multiple colors, and fluted tip styles.

  • D-Ring Eyelets

    The D-ring eyelets are more durable than webbing ones. They are suitable for thickened top shoes to prevent pain from rivets’ pressure.

  • Flat Eyelets

    The flat eyelets have a cleaner, flatter appearance than standard styles. They come with punch types and with tip hole ones.

  • Hooked Eyelets

    Hooked eyelets are typically suitable for boots starting. They are attached into punched ones, looping the shoelaces.

  • Oval Eyelets

    The oval eyelets, as their name hints, have oval shapes. They are perfect for ribbons or wide tapes.

  • Punched Eyelets

    Punched eyelets have punching holes for shoe tops. These accessories can be hidden or exposed outside of the fabrics.

Why Choose Wirwear Eyelets


There are numerous options of surface finishes that achieve matt to bright hues or engraved designs. They can also be tinted and embossed, making them more unique and aesthetic.


The eyelets made from plastics and various metals, including stainless steel, are easy to clean. They only require typical cleaning agents, like detergents, without harming their surfaces.


With different finishes, eyelets achieve improved strength to resist rust. However, brass metal materials already possess corrosion resistance, making such accessories last long.


Custom eyelets are recyclable, especially metal-made ones. They are reusable yet maintain their primary features. Moreover, these accessories are eco-friendly and affordable to recycle.

Utilized Metal Materials

Aside from plastic materials, custom eyelets are commonly made from the following metal sheet materials. They are processed and formed using a deep-drawn stamping process.

  • Brass
  • Nickel
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Steel
  • Zinc 

Eyelet Salient Features

Wirwear provides custom eyelets with the following beneficial features.

  • Come with a barrel part that has an end flange
  • Their barrels are either spread out as opposed to fabrics or rolled to support the holes.
  • They are easy to set using hands or machines
  • The tool is inserted into the barrel end and tapped by a hammer.
  • Eyelets have excellent mechanical properties
  • Convenient and decorative
  • Lightweight and versatile

Manufacturing Techniques

The eyelets are simple garment accessories manufactured using metal stamping machines and techniques. Metal stamping is a process of transforming flat sheet metals into specific shapes. The technique includes the following.

  • Blanking
  • Punching
  • Bending
  • Piercing

Custom Eyelet Application & Projects

Fine and Decorative
Fine and Decorative

Custom eyelets are applicable for decorative apparel, producing aesthetic dresses, skirts, or capes. Small projects only need a hammer or setter and hole-cutting tools to position them neatly. The small ribbons can also be placed around every little eye for adjusting apparel quickly.

Daily Wear
Daily Wear

The specific eyelet types are also applicable for daily wear shoelaces. They make the shoes with shoelaces more functional and have lasting life. The suitable ones protect the textile from fraying. Therefore, these valuable accessories help increase footwear’s quality.

Decorative Drapery
Decorative Drapery

The durable eyelets are ideal for interior curtains or drapery. They help secure the fabric against fraying. These items hold up the fabrics with any heaviness on horizontal rods. They are available in multiple sizes and color options. These accessories are also customized with square or flower shapes. 

What are the Differences Between Eyelets and Grommets?

Even though eyelets and grommets have the appearance and look similar, they are different from each other.

The grommets’ flanges are larger compared to eyelets. So, grommets give more strength.

The eyelet ones have a more attractive finish look than grommets. They are available in lighter-weight materials, like aluminum.

What is the Flat Side of Eyelets Called?

On eyelets, there is the side called the flat counterpart or ring.

They are set in the unutilized tool section. 

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