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Wirwear metal zipper is designed efficiently and made using the highest quality materials. With our experienced researchers and design teams, we aim to provide sophisticated innovation, providing countless benefits in the garment industry.

  • Complete comfort regarding product quality and delivery
  • User-safe and environmentally-friendly
  • Durable and built for long-lasting use
  • Rust-proof and high corrosive resistance
  • Accessible for any customization options

Wirwear Metal Zipper

A metal zipper is a device that is used in binding the edges of the fabric and other flexible materials. Each metal zipper is presented in a wide variety of designs which also depends on the desired uses. Moreover, certain designs can be accomplished through sewing one end or both ends of the zipper or rather allowing both of its ends to fall apart respectively. 

Wirwear offers high-quality metal zippers in various metal materials such as aluminum, brass, nickel, or manganese. These metal zippers are manufactured with superior durability which is effective for both lighter or heavier fabrics, clothing, luggage, bags, or garments. Complete customization options — from materials selections, styles, and sizes, to colors are available. Send us your inquiries now!

Silver Platinum Plated Open End Metal Coat Zippers
Silver Platinum Plated Open End Metal Coat Zippers
  • Zipper Type: Open-end
  • Teeth color: Platinum/Customized Color
  • Logo: Customization logo Accept
  • Advantage: Teeth Run Smoothly
  • Feature: High Quality and Cheaper Price
Common Tooth Close End Heavy Duty Metal Zippers
Common Tooth Close End Heavy Duty Metal Zippers
  • Zipper Type: Close-end
  • Feature: Sustainable
  • Usage: Widely Used
  • Color: Dark Brown/Customer’s Color
  • Logo: Customization Logo Accept
  • Teeth Color: Gold plated/Customized Color
Single Open Heavy Duty Separating Zipper Copper
Single Open Heavy Duty Separating Zipper Copper
  • Length: Customization Length
  • Size: Size Customization
  • Color: Blue and white/Customer’s Color
  • Advantage: High Quality and Lower Cost
  • Features: Attractive slider
Platinum Plated Pull Head Heavy Duty Metal Zippers
Platinum Plated Pull Head Heavy Duty Metal Zippers
  • Size: Customization Size
  • Slider: Fashionable Slider
  • Application: Bags, tents ,garment ,home textile ,jeans ,shoes ,etc.
  • Length: Any length is available.
Plated Zipper Teeth for Coat Metal Zipper
Plated Zipper Teeth for Coat Metal Zipper
  • Teeth Color: Customized Color / Same With Tape Color
  • Puller: Customized Size Color
  • Usage: Widely Use
  • Zipper Type: Open-end
Clothing Luggage Seven Color Tooth Metal Zipper
Clothing Luggage Seven Color Tooth Metal Zipper
  • Color: Color Customized
  • Teeth Color: Custom-made Color
  • Brand: Customized logo accept
  • Usage: Widely Use
  • Feature: Durable
Open-End Style Open Tail Platinum Metal Zipper
Open-End Style Open Tail Platinum Metal Zipper
  • Size: Customized
  • Teeth Color: Black nickel
  • Logo:  Custom Accept
  • Usage: Widely Use
  • Zipper Type: Open-end
  • Feature: Long-lasting
Black Feature Zipper Metal Puller Zipper
Black Feature Zipper Metal Puller Zipper
  • Usage: Widely Used
  • Keywords: Clothes Zip
  • Slider: Fashionable Slider
  • Logo: Logo Customized
  • Advantage; High quality and cheaper price
Grapefruit Red Corn Tooth Metal Closed End Zips
Grapefruit Red Corn Tooth Metal Closed End Zips
  • Advantage: Smooth-running teeth
  • Use: Frequently
  • Custom logos are accepted
  • Strength: Sustainability
  • Size: Customized Size
  • High quality and affordable prices
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Metal Zipper By Colors

Dull Silver
Dull Silver
White Brass
White Brass
Matte Silver
Matte Silver
Anti-Nickel Silver
Anti-Nickel Silver
Nickel Silver
Nickel Silver
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Metal Zipper By Style

Metal Zipper Structural Components

The metal zipper is divided into different major parts. These are:

  • A slider refers to a device that is used to join and separate elements when the zipper is opened or closed. 
  • The elements (or zipper chains) refer to the teeth that engage or mesh together when passed through the slider. When both the left and right elements are meshed up together, they are called chains. These zipper teeth are measured regardless of their width gauge sizes.
  • A tape refers to a strip of any fabric where zipper teeth are attached. Usually, two strips of tape where the one side is with zipper teeth attached facing each other while the other side is sewed into other fabrics. 
  • The top stop provides a function for effectively preventing the slider from coming out of the zipper chain while the bottom stop prevents separation of the interlocked zipper teeth. This structural component of the metal zipper affixes both the top and bottom ends of the zipper individually
  • The insertion pin refers to a small and straight piece of metal or plastic located at the bottom of the zipper where the slider is led into the chain, while the retainer box is a square-shaped piece found at the end of the zipper which stops and holds the slider in place. However, these mounted components are found effective for easier separation and joining of two halves of the zipper. 
Metal Zipper Structural Components
Metal Zipper Application Scope

Metal Zipper Application Scope

Metal zipper is considered the oldest zipper that exists. However, the fast production of metal zippers provides massive benefits, specifically in the garment and apparel industry.

It becomes a practical craft decoration that can be utilized for the said industry. These are the common scope of applications for metal zippers:

  • Cold proof clothing 
  • Casual wear 
  • Work clothes
  • Jeans 
  • Army training clothes
  • Luggage
  • Ordinance cover bag, etc.

Why Choose Metal Zipper from Wirwear?

Wirwear presents you with all the features and benefits that are offered in the metal zipper.

  • High strength and sturdiness capable of withstanding tough washing.
  • 100% brand new, high quality.
  • Available in customized measurements, styles, materials, colors, etc.
  • Most often have a high polish and high shine.
  • Elegant and solemn.
  • Suitable for applications that do not encounter excessive exposure to the outdoors.
  • Durable and has long-lasting services.
  • Water-resistant, rust-proof, and non-corrosive.
  • Either non-lock, pin lock, or auto-lock.
  • High on-demand.
Why Choose Metal Zipper from Wirwear

Wirwear: One-Stop Metal Zipper Provider, Professional Services!

One-stop Manufacturing Process

Wirwear strictly controls and follows every single process for metal zipper manufacturing — from the material selection down to finished products. It ensures that the quality and performance of the metal zipper go beyond the highest standard and guarantee longer service life.

Decades of Manufacturing Experience

Wirwear has more than decades of experience as a leading metal zipper manufacturer. We have specially developed an intensive production line for all metal zippers to ensure suitability for intended applications.

Flexible Customization Services

With our strong R&D capacity and unbeatable expertise, Wirwear is guaranteed to satisfy all customer’s needs and demands by providing them with their desired and complete customization for all metal zipper products. 

Nationally Accredited Facilities

Wirwear is equipped with complete production equipment, various in-house facilities, and inspection devices. We are dedicated to providing superior quality metal zipper that meets eco-friendly standard. Every metal zipper undergoes strict testing and inspection in accordance with international standards and preferences. 

Highest Quality Metal Zipper

Wirwear specializes in manufacturing metal zipper that offers high-end features and advantages. We ensure a smooth and precise process to achieve high-quality products. 

One-Stop Solution for Metal Zipper - Wirwear
Customization Solution for Metal Zipper - Wirwear

Wirwear is a one-stop customization solution and the fastest-growing manufacturer of metal zippers nationwide. 

– Provide high-quality supporting services for all kinds of metal zippers.

– Each work process is under strict quality control.

  • “Winwear is the best! This metal zipper is being helpful for my recent projects. You guys are really doing a good job. I am beyond glad and never regret choosing you as my metal zipper provider”.

  • “Wow! It is admirable to think how every Winwear staff always giving their best to satisfy all their customers through their services. As a new customer before, I really appreciate how they assist me and answer all my queries. They always give me some effective suggestions for me to decide what kind of metal zipper should I choose”.

  • “I really love the quality of these metal zippers. Authentic quality and very affordable for its price. Durable and perfectly matches my specifically needs. Good job Winwear!”

  • “What you see is what you got! Completely received all my orders based on my chosen variations and specification. Packed securely and in good condition. Nice going!”

Are Metal Zippers Better than Plastic Zippers?

Metal zippers exceed when it comes to strength and durability compared to plastic zippers. 

Metal Zippers vs. Resin Zippers: What is the Difference?

Material distinction and characteristics are among the most common differences between metal zippers and resin zippers. 

Metal zipper is built from 100% pure and solid metal — mostly brass, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, brass, etc. which requires high-end technology. 

Moreover, metal zippers are known for their exceptional durability, high strength, resistance properties, and longevity.

Its composition has similarities with other zippers which are composed of buttons, cloth belts, and pull heads.  

On the other hand, resin zipper is another form of the zipper whose teeth are designed with versatile colors with polyester plastic and are dyed using an injection molding machine.  

That is acknowledged for being tough, and sturdy, having high abrasion and corrosion resistance, unique colors, and an extensive temperature range.

And doubling its value, becoming a practical craft decoration.

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