Custom Label Manufacturer

Custom labels are great for branding your clothing, homewares, and other types of products.

Wirwear is a professional custom label manufacturer focusing on providing high-quality label solutions for all types of clothing, luggage and shoe and hat brands. Our label production process is strictly controlled. From design, material selection, production to quality inspection, we strive for perfection in every step to ensure the high quality and durability of the product.

Custom Label Types

Woven Label
Hang Tag
Leather Label
Silicone labels
Metal Labels
Embroidery Labels
RFID Label
Rubber Labels
Thermal transfer labels
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Type of label folding/cutting

The design of the label varies depending on how it is folded and cut.

  • Straight cut
  • End fold
  • Center fold
  • Center end fold
  • Manhattan fold
  • Mitre fold
  • Die cut
  • Derlockie cut w/Overlock stitch

Free choice of label materials

Choosing the right label material can enhance your brand image and meet the needs of different markets and consumers.

  • white polyester tape
  • white satin
  • cream satin
  • Soft twill
  • White polyester-cotton blend
  • Recycled polyester fiber (imitation cotton)
  • Lightweight cotton-polyester blend
  • Unbleached polyester-cotton blend
  • Transparent PU swimsuit tape
  • black polyester tape
  • black satin

High quality professional custom label manufacturer

For custom-printed hang tags, we used cutting-edge digital printing technology, offset Wirwear is China’s leading custom label manufacturer. With quality as its core and reputation as its business philosophy, Wirwear provides customers with high-quality products and fast services.

Committed to providing enterprises with professional overall solutions for customized labels, it has advanced printing equipment and professional technical talents, and can provide one-stop services including design, output, plate making, printing, and after-sales.

Why choose Wirwear custom labels?

Label design and printing solutions
We offer comprehensive label and tag design and printing services to meet your every need.

Advanced technology
Our factory uses advanced technology to provide customers with high-quality label products. We have introduced the latest woven label machines, laser cutting equipment and automated printing systems to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of each label production.

Strict quality control
Through strict quality control systems and advanced technical support, we are able to produce labels with bright colors, clear patterns, and strong durability, helping your brand stand out in the market.

What is the best label material?

The best label material is always the one that’s right for your application. There is no single best label substrate. We typically use a variety of papers, polypropylene, polyester, vinyl or other materials to create our labels.

What shapes of labels can be produced?

The equipment we use can produce labels in almost any shape.

Do you provide design services?

We can provide design work and we can help you at a lower cost.

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