Does zinc alloy metal tarnish?

What is zinc alloy?

Zinc alloy is a common alloy material, usually made by mixing zinc with other metals. It has good corrosion resistance, strength and plasticity, and is often used to make decorations, clocks, hardware accessories, etc.

However, sometimes we may notice color changes on the surface of zinc alloy products. The reasons for this color change are multifactorial and will be explored in detail below.


Reasons why zinc alloy discolors and turns black

Oxidation reaction

Color changes in zinc alloys may be due to oxidation reactions. Although zinc alloy is corrosion-resistant, long-term exposure to the air or contact with liquids containing acidic substances will cause an oxidation reaction to form zinc oxide. The color of zinc oxide is usually gray or black, which will change the properties of zinc alloy products. Exterior. Especially in high-temperature and high-humidity environments, zinc alloys are more likely to undergo oxidation reactions, accelerating the process of fading and turning black.

Vulcanization reaction

Zinc alloys undergo a sulfurization reaction when in contact with certain sulfur-containing substances, forming black zinc sulfide. These sulfur-containing substances include cosmetics, sweat, polluted air, etc. The contact between zinc alloys and sulfur-containing substances also requires sufficient attention.

How to prevent zinc alloy from turning black

Keep dry

Avoid getting the zinc alloy wet, as moisture will promote the oxidation reaction of the zinc alloy. If the zinc alloy gets wet, it should be dried as soon as possible to avoid affecting the surface gloss.

Avoid exposure to sunlight

Prolonged exposure to sunlight will accelerate the oxidation reaction on the zinc alloy surface and turn black faster. Therefore, avoid direct exposure to sunlight when storing and using zinc alloy products.

Clean regularly

Set regular cleaning schedules, use the correct cleaning tools and detergents, and avoid using sulfur-containing substances to clean zinc alloy products. Regular cleaning helps maintain the brightness of zinc alloy products.

Prevent scratches

Zinc alloys are easily scratched and scratched, and these scratches and scratches may speed up the oxidation of the zinc alloy. Therefore, extreme care should be taken when using zinc alloy products to avoid scratches or scratches.

In short, although zinc alloy metal can easily turn black, as long as you master the correct methods to maintain zinc alloy metal, you can keep the shiny surface of zinc alloy metal and extend its service life.

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