What Do the Washing Symbols on Wash Care Labels Mean?


The instructions for using clothing products are a tool for conveying information to consumers on how to use the product correctly and safely. When consumers choose clothing products in the market, they usually first understand the ingredients, specifications, washing methods, and other information of the product through the product’s hang tags, durability labels, and other usage instructions.

The clothing washing and maintenance label is an important part of the clothing product usage instructions. Each piece of clothing will have a washing and maintenance label inside, with many patterns on it, indicating the correct washing and maintenance conditions for the clothing. What exactly do these symbols represent? Today I’ll show you how to understand.

1.This logo is somewhat similar to hand washing, except that one hand is missing, which means machine washing. There are no complex restrictions, just throw it into the washing machine for cleaning.

2.The wavy line represents washability, and the number on the washing label represents the highest washing temperature.
For example, the meaning of the first symbol is: maximum washing temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, regular washing.
The second symbol means: maximum washing temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, regular washing.
The meaning of the third symbol is: maximum washing temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, regular washing.

3.This sign is easy to understand. The addition of a hand on the washing sign means that this garment can only be hand washed with water temperature (not higher than 40 ℃), detergent or soap. To avoid damaging clothes during machine washing.

4.Below the sign, one horizontal line represents easing treatment, and two horizontal lines represent very easing treatment.

5.This symbol indicates that it cannot be machine washed and may require hand washing or dry cleaning.

6.Drying Symbols

Drawing a circle in a square indicates flipping and drying

There is a circle in the middle of the square with a cross drawn on it, indicating that drying cannot be carried out

7.Ironing Symbols

ironing symbols

The ironing symbol is very vivid, in the shape of an iron. The iron icon indicates that clothes can be ironed using steam or dry clothes at any temperature. The dots represent the highest temperature of the iron bottom plate, with one dot at 110 degrees Celsius, two dots at 150 degrees Celsius, and three dots at 200 degrees Celsius. In addition to these, some may also have additional explanations, such as ironing the reverse side or whether it is ironing.

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