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Clothing accessories rope is one of the clothing accessories series, usually the ropes in clothing accessories refer to textile ropes (except for the transparent belt used on bras).

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What are the main categories of clothing accessories ropes?
Weaving categories include: cotton belt (cotton herringbone belt, cotton plain belt, cotton waist rope, cotton hat head rope, pants rope, etc.), nylon rope belt, PP rope belt, polyester rope belt, rayon rope belt and other kinds of rope Bring etc.
Elastic categories include: mercerized elastic ropes, running code elastic bands, knitted elastic bands, round elastic bands, etc.
The so-called garment accessories rope is a general term for rope and webbing.

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Commonly used garment accessories ropes are as follows: cotton rope, polyester rope, polyester-cotton rope, and elastic rope.

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The purpose of the rope can be seen from the picture above. Clothing can be used as the axis of the hat, the axis of the waist of the clothes, and the axis of the waist of the trousers. Most of them are used for clothing and shoelaces. The rope is both practical and decorative. role.

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At the same time, it plays the role of keeping warm and windproof and fixing. It is also the darling in the field of clothing accessories, and its usage is also strange and strange.

In addition to being used on clothing and shoelaces, ropes have many uses, such as being used on bags, sports equipment, medical treatment, etc., but our family still mainly uses clothing accessories (crazy hint).

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Let’s talk about its craft again. In addition to the pattern of weaving, that is, jacquard craft, the rope craft can also be used for printing and dyeing, printing and printing, gluing, etc. Now there are many strange crafts that cannot be expressed in words. , It may be that my knowledge is relatively shallow!

Rope ends include: Epoxy head, plastic head, metal head, and there are many crafts of rope heads, and the flower shapes are also strange shapes. I believe you have seen them in the market. There are many electroplating crafts, latte art crafts, many, many of them. I’m short of words 😂,

It can only be said that as long as you have the pattern you want, someone will create any product. In the current era, apart from the development of technology, the human brain is also more and more developed. Craftsmanship that can be done by machines is not a problem.

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Let’s take a look at the ropes with all kinds of strange patterns. It’s just a part of the product display. If you want to know more styles, you can leave a message and recommend more new styles to you😘. After reading it, I will give you some suggestions.

Rope product sample display

Rope product sample

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