How to label clothes for daycare?

I believe that parents whose babies go to daycare have experienced this. The clothes issued by the daycare are all uniform, and they often wear the wrong clothes. In order to avoid this from happening, and to ensure that the children’s things are in the right place. In this article, we will take a deep dive into how to label clothes in the daycare, providing you with personalized solutions to effectively label clothes in the daycare.


What information should be filled in the label?
  • Baby’s name or initials
  • Contact information
  • Class or nursery name


What issues should be considered when choosing labels?
  • Durability: Durability is a major consideration when considering choosing labels for your baby’s clothes. Consider the environment they are in – will they withstand harsh climates, daily handling, or other wear and tear? Choose labels made of materials known for durability, such as vinyl or polyester.


  • Simplicity of application: The simplicity of applying labels is crucial to your work of applying labels to your baby’s clothes. Choose labels that are easy to apply, especially when you need to label a lot of clothes. Simple and easy-to-apply labels can simplify your operation and improve efficiency without the need for other tools.


  • Washing Resistance: For items that need to be washed or exposed to moisture, it’s wise to choose labels that can withstand such abuse without affecting readability and adhesion. You’ll want to look for labels that are specifically designed to withstand water or humidity to ensure that they maintain their integrity after repeated washing or exposure to sunlight.


Where should the label be placed?
  • Inside the collar
  • Cuffs or hems
  • Seams
  • Waistband or hem


How do you label nursery clothes?

Labeling nursery clothes is done to make them easy to identify and prevent confusion. Here are a few common methods:


Sew-on labels:

You can sew labels with your baby’s name on the clothes. These labels can usually be customized through specialized clothing accessories manufacturers or online services. Sew the label to places such as the collar, cuffs, or inside the clothes, making sure the name is clearly visible.


Iron-on labels:

Iron-on labels are an easy way to attach labels to clothes using an iron. These labels can usually be purchased in stores or online. Follow the label’s instructions, apply it to the garment, and secure it with an iron. This method ensures a strong bond that will withstand multiple washes without fading.


Printed labels:

Some clothing accessories manufacturers offer printed labels, and you can choose to have your baby’s name printed on a special label that can then be sewn or attached to the garment.



If you are only temporarily labeling clothing, you can use a permanent marker to write your child’s name directly on the clothing. Please make sure to use a marker that will not fade or penetrate the fibers of the clothing.


Things to note:

  • Avoid allergies: Choose materials that are not likely to cause skin allergies.
  • Check regularly: Labels may fall off or wear out over time and the number of washes, check and replace labels regularly.



Labeling nursery clothes not only effectively manages clothing, but also reduces unnecessary trouble caused by loss or confusion. No matter which method you choose to label, the most important thing is to make sure the name is clearly visible.

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