How To Put Your Own Label on Clothing?

Labels are one of the important symbols of a brand. Putting your own labels on them can show the brand’s image. How to put your own labels on clothes, here are several methods:


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sewing machine sewing

The logo can be sewn using a sewing machine. This method is fast and efficient and suitable for mass production. Trademarks generally need to be sewn on thermal paper or PVC materials to improve the three-dimensional feel and durability of the trademark.


The logo can also be sewn by hand. This method is suitable for small batch or sample production. Hand sewing requires the use of thread and needles to tack the label onto the garment. Although this method is slow, the effect is more refined and the trademark is more three-dimensional.


Thermal labels

The method of customizing thermal paper labels is simple and easy. First, prepare the thermal paper labels and sticker surface, then place the thermal paper labels on the sticker surface, and use a heat source (such as a hot melt glue gun, iron) to glue the thermal paper The label melts onto the surface of the sticker, and finally the thermal paper label is firmly attached. This method is simple and fast, suitable for mass production and rapid labeling occasions.



You can also use special fabric glue or double-sided tape to attach the tags to your clothing. This method is suitable for temporary labeling or occasions where the appearance of clothing needs to be kept neat, but the durability may be poor and it is easy to get damp or fall off.

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