what is zinc alloy metal?

What is zinc alloy metal

Zinc alloy is an alloy based on zinc with the addition of other metal elements. It usually uses certain copper, aluminum, magnesium, lead and other metals for different purposes, and undergoes a series of mixing, smelting, oxidation and casting processes. formed by a process. Various different types of zinc alloys can be produced, varying in their properties and uses.


Composition and characteristics of zinc alloy

Zinc aluminum alloy

The addition of aluminum element can produce a pure aluminum oxide layer on the surface of zinc alloy, forming stronger corrosion resistance. In addition, aluminum can also reduce the density of zinc alloy and improve its ductility and plasticity.

Zinc copper alloy

Copper is one of the key elements that gives zinc alloys their excellent durability. The addition of copper can make zinc alloys have excellent mechanical properties such as high hardness, high strength and high toughness.

Zinc magnesium alloy

Magnesium is an important additive element in zinc alloys. It can enhance the strength and toughness of zinc alloys, while also improving the fracture toughness and stability of zinc alloys.

Zinc lead alloy

Lead is a deteriorating component of zinc alloy. The higher its content, the lower the strength and hardness of zinc alloy.


Overall, zinc alloys are widely used in various industrial and commercial applications due to their good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and processability.


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