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Custom Iron On Patch - Wirwear

Iron-on patches can repair damaged or worn areas on clothing. A uniquely designed iron-on patch can also add beauty and personal style to clothing. It can make your clothing look brand new and show your unique fashion taste.

Wirwear has advanced equipment and an experienced team. Whether it is a cute cartoon pattern, a retro text logo, or a personalized custom pattern, we can customize personalized iron-on patches for you to make your clothing more attractive.

Iron-on patch material types

Fabric Iron-On Patches
Rubber Iron-On Patches
Thermal Iron-On Patches
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Iron-On Patch Design Types

Solid color iron-on patch
Patterned Iron-On Patches
Custom Iron-On Patches
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Wide application of iron-on patches

  • Clothing repair: This is the most basic and common application of iron-on patches. Whether it is a hat, jeans or shirt, you can find the corresponding iron-on patch to repair it and make the clothes look brand new.
  • Personalized decoration: Iron-on patches are also often used as personalized decoration. Choose patches of various colors, patterns and design styles, and iron the patches on the clothes to show a unique personal style.

Iron-on patch backing support options

When choosing the backing for an iron-on patch, you need to consider the purpose of the patch and the material of the clothing. Here are some common backing options:

  • Hot melt adhesive backing
  • Double-sided adhesive backing
  • Paper backing

Wirwear Custom Iron-On Patches

At Wirwear, you can create custom iron-on patches in any color or shape. We can provide high-quality, detailed and accurate designs to meet any of your personalized needs. Therefore, Wirwear is the best place to get custom iron-on patches.

  • Demand Communication
  • Design Drawing
  • Material Selection
  • Production and Processing
  • Iron-On Application

Iron-on patch border cutting types

Lock Edge Border
  • Enhanced durability: The overlock border uses special stitching and techniques to make the edge of the fabric stronger and more durable.
  • Beautiful and tidy: The stitching of the locking frame is fine and neat, exquisite and beautiful. It can add a sense of artistry and quality to items and enhance the overall aesthetics.
  • Prevent fabric from opening: The overlocking frame can firmly sew the edges of the fabric together, effectively preventing the fabric from opening or coming off.
Hot Border
  • Efficient and fast: The hot-cut frame adopts thermal cutting technology, and the cutting and edge sealing process is completed at one time by machine equipment, so the production efficiency is very high.
  • Smooth edge: The cutting edge of the hot-cut frame is very smooth, without burrs or unevenness. This smooth edge enhances the comfort of the product.
  • Strong adaptability: The hot-cut frame technology is suitable for a variety of different materials and thicknesses, and the hot-cut frame can achieve ideal cutting and edge sealing effects.
  • “Highly recommend Wirwear. Fantastic service from start to finish. I will be moving all my iron-on patch business to them. Their quality control is second to none.”

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  • “Wirwear has excellent customer service, any questions were answered quickly and very helpful. Also the quality of the iron-on patches is very good.”

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