Factory Tour

Wirwear is equipped with different factories and facilities including:

  • Shoe Factory
    Shoe Factory

    Equipped with high-speed machinery which enables us to produce more than a million pairs of shoelaces monthly.

  • Handbag Factory
    Handbag Factory

    In this factory, we produced extensive handbag designs with various material options.

  • Garment Factory
    Garment Factory

    Large factory of a high-productive clothing line. From infant to adult clothing is manufactured in this factory.

  • Sports Wear Factory
    Sports Wear Factory

    Any sportswear and accessories are manufactured at our sportswear factory.

  • Webbing Facility
    Webbing Facility

    We manufacture our strong tube or flat strip fabric which is widely used for different industry fields.

  • Raw Materials Stock House
    Raw Materials Stock House

    In this warehouse, we properly arrange and classify our large stock of raw materials for production.

Production Equipment

Embroidery Machine
Embroidery Machine
Weaving Machine
Weaving Machine
Jacquard Machine
Jacquard Machine
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