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Wirwear helps you create the gift box that best suits your needs, making your gift more eye-catching.

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Professional Custom Gift Box Supplier

As we all know, gift boxes are a great choice to express your feelings, whether it is a birthday, festival or other special occasions.

Wirwear can customize gift boxes of various shapes, sizes and materials according to customer needs, and also provides a variety of crafts, such as hot stamping, embossing, etc., so that they are not only practical, but also show unique beauty and taste. No matter what type of gift box, Wirwear gift box supplier can make the gift box that best suits your heart for you.

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Gift Box Structure Type

Upper and lower cover
Drawer type
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Gift Box Shape Type

Round gift box
Square gift box
Heart shaped gift box
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Gift box material type

Wooden gift box
Paper gift box
Plastic gift box
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Provide A Variety Of Decoration Techniques

Gift box finishing technology can improve the beauty of packaging. The following are several common packaging finishing technologies:

  • Hot stamping/hot silver stamping: This process gives the gift box a metallic texture and makes it more upscale.
  • Lamination: It plays a role in protection and increasing gloss, which is slightly upscale, but the color is not good.
  • Deep embossing: Using machines to make embossed plates to form uneven texture patterns, increasing the three-dimensional sense and artistic sense of the gift box.
  • Partial UV: Improve the local bright light effect and increase waterproof and scratch resistance.
  • Hollowout: Use die cutting to cut out patterns of various shapes to increase beauty and creativity.

Customized Multipurpose Gift Box

Gift boxes have a wide range of uses and are loved by people for their unique charm:

  • Holiday gifts: Gift boxes are an important carrier for expressing emotions during holidays or birthdays. Exquisite packaging adds a sense of ritual to gifts.
  • Storage and decoration: Gift boxes can store items, which is both beautiful and convenient. Exquisite gift boxes can also be used as decorations to add a festive atmosphere and artistic sense to the space.
  • Business occasions: In the business field, it is often used as a tool to express gratitude, cooperation sincerity or promote brands.
  • Creative handicrafts: such as cards, decorations, etc. In addition, gift boxes can also be used to make toy models, such as houses and castles.

Provide A Variety Of Printing Options

Printing is an important part of gift box production. Different printing processes have different uses:

  • Digital printing
  • Offset printing
  • UV printing
  • Water-based ink
  • Oil-based ink

Wirwear Provides One-stop Gift Box Service

The printing process of gift boxes is relatively complicated. If you want to make a perfect gift box, you must strictly control the quality in every link. Wirwear provides you with one-stop service for gift boxes.

Paper material selection
Common paper materials include coated paper, white cardboard, art paper, etc. Choosing the right paper material is crucial, so we can provide you with suggestions.

Printing color matching
We can help you match the colors of your gift boxes. Through reasonable color matching, you can highlight the theme of the gift box and create a unique visual effect.

Printing content design
We have an experienced team to provide you with printing design, including text, patterns, LOGO and other elements.

Post-printing processing services
Including the molding, assembly, and pasting of gift boxes. Ensure that the gift box is delivered to you intact.

Benefits Of Using Gift box For Brands

Improve brand image:
Show brand characteristics/enhance brand value

Improve etiquette and emotional expression:
Enhance the sense of ceremony/enhance emotional value

Practicality and convenience:
Protect products/convenient to carry and store

Why Choose Wirwear Gift Box Supplier
  • Rich manufacturing experience and professional technology


  • High-quality materials and strict quality control


  • “Very satisfied with the gift box quality. Wirwear gift box supplier was patient, understood what I wanted, and modified my ideas until I was satisfied. Will cooperate with them again.”

  • “The box customization was very creative and the communication with the customer service was great. Thank you Wirwear for the great service. We will be ordering again soon!”

  • “Fast delivery, the gift box is great quality and I love the design. Excellent workmanship and great attention to detail! My friend loves it too. Wirwear kept in touch with me from start to finish and answered all my questions promptly and kindly, which was great. I will always work with Wirwear gift box supplier.”

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