How Much Knowledge do You Know About Clothing?

1.What is a washing label?

Water washing label is a label made of several special materials, generally used in industries such as clothing, home textiles, luggage, etc. It is mainly used to print some parameters and precautions of clothing.

2.Nylon fiber fabric

Nylon clothing has a low shrinkage rate and can be used with regular soap and laundry detergent. Due to the easy removal of dirt from this type of fabric, it is generally sufficient to rub lightly. Thick fabrics can also be brushed lightly with a brush, but excessive force can easily cause pilling on the surface of the fabric. Wash and gently wring dry, then pull it out to make it flat. Let it dry in a well ventilated area and avoid exposure to sunlight.

When ironing, use a lining cloth and keep the temperature below 40 ℃. If the temperature is too high, it is easy for the fabric to shrink or develop stickiness. Nylon fabrics are not afraid of insect infestation, so there is no need to place camphor balls. However, before storage, clothes should be washed and fully air dried to prevent the adhesive part from being corroded by mold.

3.Polyester fiber fabric

Polyester fiber fabric: The washing requirements for polyester and nylon are very similar, but their types and forms are more diverse and colorful than other fabrics, and they can also be blended with other fabrics. The cleaning technology for this type of clothing is complex, especially with regard to temperature. If the temperature is too high, it will deform and lose its style. In addition, the soaking time should not be too long, and it is generally necessary to wash it as it is immersed.

4.Acrylic fiber fabric

Acrylic fiber fabrics have advantages such as bright colors, softness, insect resistance, and corrosion resistance, but they are prone to discoloration and straightening when exposed to sunlight. Wearing and disassembling it a few times will lose its original advantages. To overcome these drawbacks, it is best to use neutral detergents or neutral soap, and not alkaline detergents and soap.

The water temperature should be between 40 and 50 ℃. When washing, it is advisable to gently squeeze and do not rub vigorously. When washing with clean water, slowly add cold water to gradually reduce the water temperature to room temperature. Rinse thoroughly and do not leave detergent residue on the yarn. After washing, spread it out in a ventilated area to dry, and do not hang or expose it to sunlight, To prevent the yarn from being hung straight or discolored.

5.Cotton fabric clothing

6.Linen clothing

Hemp fabric clothing: Hemp fibers have good alkali resistance. Using alkaline detergents containing cellulase to wash linen fabrics can make their surface flat, smooth, soft, protect the color of the fabric itself, and have a cleaning and whitening effect. The temperature of the washing solution should not be too high, as the dyeing properties of linen fabrics are poor. Excessive washing temperature can easily cause the fabric to fade and lose its original color.

The recommended washing temperature is generally 40 degrees Celsius. The adhesion of linen fabric is poor. If too much force is used during washing, it will cause displacement of the fabric’s organizational structure, making linen fabric prone to pilling. When washing with a washing machine, the water volume should be higher, light washing should be carried out, and the spin drying time should be shorter, which can reduce the friction between the linen fabric and the container wall and protect the fibers.

During rinsing, it is important to avoid twisting or twisting, as it can easily cause slippage and deformation of the fabric structure, affecting its appearance. The washing time should not be too long, preferably 10 to 15 minutes. The tissue of hemp is relatively coarse and hard, so it is best to soak it evenly during bleaching. You can first soak it in 2% sodium hypochlorite bleach at room temperature for 20 minutes, then rinse it with clean water and use a whitening agent for whitening treatment.

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