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Wirwear, as a printed label manufacturer with many years of experience in the Chinese market, we pay attention to every detail in the orders we receive.

If you are looking for a reliable printing label manufacturer partner, consider working with us. We look forward to working with you to create a better future!

Printed Labels

Printed labels refer to labels with text, images or graphics printed on paper, plastic or other materials, on which information or symbols about the product or item are printed. Printed labels can come in many types, depending on their purpose and design.

Wirwear has advanced production equipment and an experienced team, and can provide a variety of printing processes such as digital printing, offset printing, thermal transfer printing, etc. to meet the requirements of different customers. Whether it is small-batch personalized customization or large-scale mass production, we are able to provide customers with high-quality services and efficient solutions.

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Popular Printed Label Categories

Electronic Balance Label

Electronic balance labels are also called electronic weighing paper, electronic weighing price tags, etc. At present, it is mostly used in supermarkets and shopping malls.

Removable Labels

Removable labels are ideal for short-term and temporary labels for price tags, filings and instructions that need to be securely adhered but easily removed without leaving any sticky residue.

Anti-counterfeiting Label

Anti-counterfeiting labels protect your hardware and identify your assets.The production processes of different types of anti-counterfeiting labels are also different.

Lnvalid Label

When the label is torn off the surface of the object, the text remaining on the surface cannot be recovered and a warning function is inserted.

Food Labels

Food labels that correctly mark all necessary information can help consumers make informed choices. Food labels are important.

Clothing Labels

Viscose is suitable for a variety of clothing surfaces and leaves no traces after pasting. It will not cause the clothes to fade and leave no residual glue on the surface of the clothes.

Thermal Label

Suitable for thermal label printers, various label sizes, flat and smooth, high smoothness and good gloss.

Barcode Printing Labels

Print various barcode labels, supporting multiple barcode formats, such as EAN, UPC, Code128, Code39, ITF, etc.

White Laser Tag

100% recycled white labels, strong white matte labels, weatherproof laser labels, white gloss laser labels.

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Sustainable Printed Labels

Wirwear has always been environmentally conscious and incorporated environmental impact and carbon footprint into all planning and technical upgrades.

Wirwear is your sustainable brand partner, so we offer recycled polyester strap types and tapes made from organic cotton. The inks we use are also Oekotex certified. And printed labels are cheaper than woven labels.

Printed Label Adhesive Types

There are many different types of printed label adhesives and choosing the right adhesive for your labels is crucial as not every surface is suitable for label application. At Wirwear, we offer a variety of adhesive types including:

  • Standard removable
  • Super removable
  • Standard permanent paper for paper
  • film standard forever
  • Permanent – high tack
  • Permanent – high viscosity (max – 10 °C)
  • Permanent – water-based material

Quality Printed Label Manufacturer

Wirwear, as a label manufacturer with many years of experience in the market, ensures that our staff consists of professionals who can answer all your questions and help you choose the solution that is best for you. We should also note that as a label manufacturer we offer high quality laser cut digital label printing. This means that very few costs are incurred in production.

At Wirwear, we understand the impact printed labels can have on your product’s success. For over 20 years, we have been helping customers by creating high-performance custom labels.

Printed label manufacturers with extensive experience and expertise

Our team of experts is ready to help your company:

  • Personalized customer support
  • Technology solutions to your toughest printed label challenges
  • Rich learning resources allow you to always be confident in your choice of printed labels
  • The longest-running brand protection program in the industry
  • Flexible inventory management and lean manufacturing support
  • ISO 9001 and 27001 quality and safety certified
  • “Best label printing company I have ever worked with. In fact, they stood out from most of my vendors because they were very prompt, reliable, and the quality of their work was high. I highly recommend Wirwear.”

  • “Fast delivery. The quality is very good. I will definitely be buying again.”

  • “Wirwear continues to provide excellent service. Production and shipping are very fast and the quality is always top notch! Thanks!”

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