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Printed ribbons are not only decorative and beautiful, but also carry multiple functions such as brand communication and information transmission. They can be used in gift packaging, bows, decorations, clothing accessories and other fields.Therefore, it is very important to choose a professional printed ribbon supplier.

Wirwear is a leading printed ribbon supplier in China. It has been paying close attention to market trends and changes in customer needs, and flexibly adjusting product and service strategies. It can not only provide high-quality printing services, but also provide customers with professional advice and support in color management, material selection, printing technology and other aspects.

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Printing ribbons various printing methods

Wirwear offers a variety of different types of printing ribbon methods. Each method has its own unique characteristics.

  • Digital printing: suitable for personalized printing and short-run printing, supports variable data and personalized content, and does not require large inventories
  • Offset printing: can present detailed and colorful printing effects. Suitable for a variety of paper and plastic materials, it is the first choice for high-quality prints.
  • Screen printing: can be printed on product surfaces of various shapes, such as ceramics, glass, plastic, etc.
  • Flat printing: the plate making process is simple and suitable for large-scale printing.
  • Embossed ribbon: Embossed ribbon usually has better shape retention function and is not easy to deform or wrinkle. It has a certain cleaning effect and is not easy to be stained.

Personalized ribbons for every occasion

Wirwear can customize and personalize ribbons for any gift, present, or event. Create printed ribbons that reflect your unique style and occasion.

  • Business promotion: brand display, promotional gifts, event logo
  • Clothing accessories: clothing decoration, personalized logo
  • Gift packaging: gift box decoration, bows, decorative ribbons
  • Special use: lanyard use, events, activities

Printed ribbon size options

The size of a ribbon is usually expressed in width. It determines the overall visual effect and application range of the ribbon.

  • Thin ribbon (0.3cm, 0.6cm): usually refers to a ribbon with a width of less than 1 cm. This width of ribbon is suitable for delicate decoration, hand-made and detail modification.
  • Medium-width ribbon (1.5cm, 2cm): This type of ribbon is generally between 1-2.5 cm. Medium-width ribbon is suitable for gift packaging, bouquet decoration, headdress making, etc.
  • Wide ribbon: (3cm, 5cm) :It generally refers to a ribbon with a width of more than 2.5 cm. Wide ribbon is suitable for large gift packaging, celebration decoration, holiday decoration and other occasions that require outstanding effects.

Why Choose Wirwear Printing Ribbon Manufacturer

Efficient production process:
We have efficient production process and advanced production equipment, which can complete orders quickly and accurately.
We focus on quality control during the production process to ensure that every product meets customer expectations

Environmental protection and sustainability:
We focus on environmental protection and sustainability, using environmentally friendly materials and recyclable packaging materials to reduce the impact on the environment.
We also encourage customers to choose environmentally friendly and sustainable ribbon products to contribute to protecting the earth together.

Customized solutions:
We provide customized printed ribbon solutions, designed and produced according to the specific needs of customers.
Whether it is color, size, material or printing content, we can customize it according to customer needs to meet the personalized needs of customers.

Turn to Wirwear now for personalized service to customize your printed ribbons!

If you have any inspiration, please don’t be shy! Tell us your ideas, Wirwear is your one-stop service.

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