Private Label Clothing Manufacturers in China

Private label clothing manufacturers offer complete control over the entire manufacturing process. From the type of fabric used to the brand of the apparel product, everything is predetermined by the apparel brand and private apparel brand manufacturers ensure that they get everything done accordingly.

Wirwear, committed to providing all-round services for its own clothing brands, maintains a unique image among private label clothing manufacturers, and is particularly good at customizing clothing accessories, so it can provide customers with high-quality clothing solutions.

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Private Label Customization Options

Labels are an important information transmission and decorative element on clothing.

Jacquard Elastic Band

A soft, durable ribbon-like material used to decorate, reinforce, cut and enhance clothing.

Cord Embroidery Lace Fabric

Used to decorate edges, inlays or patch items to add personalization and fashion to products


Used for opening and closing parts, also often used as decoration.

garment Accessories

An opening and closing device for clothing and bags, and also as a decorative accessory.

Packaging Bag

Often used for rough storage, packaging, and promotion of products.

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Wirwear- Best Private Label Clothing Manufacturer

At Wirwear, we offer you world-class garment manufacturing facilities equipped with top-of-the-line machinery. Our dedicated team of textile experts can cater for all your requirements, from private label clothing to private label, we have it all.

To maintain quality, we select the best fabrics and trims available in the market, which makes us one of the best private label apparel manufacturers in India.

Wirwear In-house Mass Production

Adopting assembly line production or batch production processes, by improving production efficiency and utilizing internal technology and resource advantages.

Wirwear uses automated equipment and assembly lines to quickly mass-produce products to reduce costs, improve efficiency and meet customers’ high-volume needs.

Private Label Clothing Organic Fabrics And Materials

The fabrics available for private label apparel vary by product type. Generally speaking, private label styles allow you to choose from a variety of different fabrics.

wirwear uses sustainable materials and production practices to produce products because our products are more environmentally friendly

Various Customization Types

Wide Application Of Zippers

The zipper produced by wirwear has reliable opening and closing performance and durability. It is a convenient and practical opening and closing device. They are used in:

  • Clothing
  • Luggage
  • Tent
  • Footwear
Label Various Categories

Clothing labels are mainly used to convey various brand information. They can also be used as a display of brand image. Through careful selection of design and materials, they can show the characteristics of the brand. They include:

  • Hang tag
  • Woven mark
  • Leather label
Polypropylene Webbing
Various types of webbing

Webbing is widely used in clothing, bags, shoes and hats and other industries. It is an important clothing accessory that has both functionality and decoration. They can be divided into:

  • Decorative webbing
  • Reinforcement webbing
  • Shoulder strap webbing
Packaging Bags In Various Categories

The packaging bags produced by wirwear are made of degradable and recyclable environmentally friendly materials to reduce the impact on the environment. They can be divided into:

  • Plastic bag
  • Paper bag
  • Non-woven bags
  • Fabric bag
Tricot Lace Fabric
Various Classifications of Lace

The high-quality lace produced by wirwear can add unique charm and taste to the product. They can be divided into:

  • Embroidery lace
  • Lace
  • Mesh lace
  • Twist lace
Advantages Of Wirwear Free Clothing Brand

At wirwear, private labeling helps you put your own unique stamp on your product, making it uniquely your own.

  • Standardized production
  • Skilled worker
  • High-end production line
  • Strict quality control


What is fashion private label?

When a fashion brand buys ready-to-wear clothing from a manufacturer and puts a label on it and adds additional touches to it

When a retailer selling various brands decides to sell its own line of clothing

Private label manufacturers should also provide labeling and other decoration services (printing, embroidery, adding brand embellishments, etc.)

What's the difference between a private label and a brand?

Private label is upstream of a “brand”. Once the brand has selected the configuration of the product, and their own tags and labels are applied, it becomes the property of the brand. Then, it’s on-sold direct-to-consumer or to a wholesaler. Very rarely is a private label item sold directly from the manufacturer to the end consumer.

How to start a private label clothing line?
  • Research your market, niche markets often have the highest returns.
  • Identify products, clothing and/or apparel that you think could be sold to this market.
  • Identify your market competitors.
  • Create your brand elements and content.
  • Develop online, wholesale, and in-store sales strategies
  • Calculate your upfront manufacturing costs.
  • Find a reliable private label manufacturer (this is the hard part)
  • When ordering your first batch of products, please keep in mind the production lead times.
  • Launch your website or implement your sales plan.
  • Invest time and money into product marketing.
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