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Wirwear is a professional ribbon manufacturer dedicated to meeting your needs with unique creations.
Choosing Wirwear means choosing the perfect combination of quality and creativity.


Wirwear Ribbon Manufacturer

Ribbons are loved by customers for their diverse functions and unique charm. Soft, light and flowing, with rich and diverse colors, ribbons are widely used in clothing, handicrafts, gift packaging, etc. The humble ribbon may be the ultimate accessory to enhance the quality of packaging or add brilliance to gifts for family and friends.

Wirwear provides a full range of one-stop services. Whether it is custom design, fine production, or logistics and distribution, we can take care of it all. We have an experienced team to customize your own ribbon; our production line ensures that every ribbon meets high quality standards.

Ribbon various styles

Wood pulp ribbon
Double-sided satin ribbon
Grosgrain Ribbon
Stitched Edge Grosgrain Ribbon
Ethically Recycled Ribbon
Tencel Ribbon
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Multiple options for printing ribbons

Different ribbon materials can produce different effects.

  • Grosgrain: Made from recycled yarn.
  • Satin: Shiny, double-sided, made from recycled yarn.
  • Taffeta: Made from recycled yarn.

Wirwear produces sustainable ribbons

Wirwear uses a variety of environmentally friendly materials to make ribbons, which not only meets the functional needs of ribbons, but also conforms to the concept of sustainable development. The following are some common environmentally friendly material options:

  • Recycled polyester fiber
  • Biodegradable material
  • Organic cotton
  • Flax or hemp fiber

Wirwear Custom Personalized Ribbon

Wirwear is a professional ribbon manufacturer that also customizes personalized ribbons for customers.

  • Personalized design: Customers can customize the design according to their preferences and needs. Whether it is for gift packaging, decoration, or brand publicity and promotion, we can create a unique ribbon for you.
  • Customized service: We provide professional customized services, tracking the entire process from design to production to ensure that every detail is perfect. We can also provide customized packaging and delivery services according to customer needs.

Advantages Of Wirwear Ribbon Manufacturer

Quality: Wirwear uses carefully selected materials, and the ribbons produced are not only bright in color and clear in texture, but also very comfortable to the touch.

Technology: Wirwear has advanced production equipment and technology, and can produce ribbons of various shapes, sizes and materials according to customer needs. Whether it is used to wrap gifts or for decoration, it can meet everyone’s personalized needs.

In addition, as a professional ribbon manufacturer, Wirwear’s team is very creative. We will design or customize ribbons according to market trends and customer needs to make ribbons more interesting and personalized.

Our service is also first-class. We will patiently answer any questions to ensure that customers can buy satisfactory ribbons.

Ribbon various printing options

Sublimation transfer

Heat and pressure are used to transfer the dye to the ribbon.

  • Rich colors and realistic patterns.
  • Thermal transfer technology is relatively simple and has high production efficiency.
Rotary letter bending machine

The ink is transferred from the photopolymer sheet to the ribbon via an anilox roller.

  • Can be food coated and used directly on food
  • Can easily process different letters and patterns, with high flexibility and customizability
screen printing

The ink is applied to the ribbon through a screen printed with an image.

  • It can print out colorful and delicate products.
  • The ink layer is thick and has a strong three-dimensional effect.
Hot stamping printing

Heat transfer the foil pattern to the ribbon using a metal plate.

  • Due to the special craftsmanship, it is not easy to be imitated, so it has an anti-counterfeiting effect.
  • The unique hot stamping effect can be customized at will, with strong personalization.
Want To Brand Your Ribbons?

At Wirwear, we provide you with a customized service to enhance your ribbon branding. Our team will help you put your brand logo on the ribbon.

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