Leading Buckles Manufacturer in China

Wirwear is a manufacturer specializing in high-quality buckles, made from sustainable materials and 100% environmentally friendly. It is widely used to make different types of accessories such as bags and belts.

Wirwear Buckles

Buckles are widely used in tarps, tents, flags, dog collars, leashes, sporting goods, military spec, and more.

We provide buckles to various factories such as shoe factories, clothing factories, sports equipment factories, handbag factories, etc. Wirwear provides OEM and ODM services and has a professional R&D team that can design, manufacture and provide one-stop buckle solutions for different companies.

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Various Categories Of Buckles

Classic Custom Buckle

Custom buckles made of high-quality metal.

  • Simple and stylish metal buckle
  • O-shaped double ring design buckle
  • British style elegant buckle
  • Attractive thin metal buckle
  • Decorative embossed vintage buckle
  • Simple Western style zinc alloy metal buckle
  • Simple classic soft enamel custom buckle
Printed Graphic Buckle

With custom graphics on buckles, you can unleash creativity and design to create one-of-a-kind products, giving your brand a personalized identity and giving users a unique experience.

  • Custom laser metal buckle
  • Customized bead buckle design buckle
  • Custom logo soft enamel buckle
  • Custom designed eagle logo buckle
3D Buckle

Wirwear’s latest 3D printing technology allows us to create 3D buckles using custom molds.

  • Stylish custom 3D logo letter buckle
  • Personalized 3D buckle
  • Men’s Vintage Bronze Embossed Eagle Belt Buckle
  • Colorful metal personalized buckle
  • Vintage Vintage Bronze Buckle
  • Cut-out floral pattern buckle
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Various Materials Of Buckles

Metal Buckle
Plastic Buckle
Alloy Buckle
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Custom Buckles Made From High-quality Materials

Wirwear is a professional custom belt buckle manufacturer. We tailor buckles for you according to different processes and materials.

  • Metal buckles: such as iron, aluminum, steel, etc.
  • Plastic buckles: such as nylon, ABS, etc.
  • Alloy buckles: such as zinc alloy, copper alloy, etc.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship Details

When realizing our custom buckles, we use advanced technology to ensure the quality of the final product.

  • Pantograph: Drawings and logos can be faithfully produced on brass plates;
  • Lost Wax: A traditional goldsmithing method that allows you to create complex and detailed shapes;
  • Hot Stamping: Used to model metal through heat and pressure;
  • Metal sintering: an innovative process for 3D creation that allows you to create buckles with complex geometries and undercuts.

Custom Buckles With Unique Options

As a designer belt buckle manufacturer, Wirwear not only provides a variety of classic belt buckle designs, but also provides customization services to create your own unique custom classic buckles.

  • Customization: We make your buckle starting from your design or logo.
  • Custom Engraving: We can also engrave your logo, name or design on your buckle.
Why Choose Wirwear
  • With 16+ years of buckle manufacturing experience, Wirwear has become an industry leader and can meet various customer requirements.
  • Wirwear has advanced equipment and technology, uses environmentally friendly materials, and has 100% customer satisfaction.


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