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Wirwear hang tag strings connect to the garment and can be customized with colors, materials, sizes, and shapes. Various materials can be used, such as plastic, tape, jute natural, elastic thread, poly/cotton, mercerized, flax, and waxed cotton. 

  • Strong and durable
  • Not break easily
  • OEM designs and own logos are welcome

Wirwear Hang Tag String

Hang tag strings are functional tools of brand expression. It gives the easiest and most convenient way to attach the tags or labels on men’s clothing, fashion dresses, and other garments without any tools required. This hang tag string is built with superior strength and is a reliable choice to provide protection for all products from fraudulent returns. 

Wirwear hang tag strings are some of our best-featured products that offer a durable and cost-effective solution for garment businesses and industries. That comes in extensive customization options for customers’ needs and requirements — such as materials, measurements, branding/logos, designs/styles, and colors. Using our high-quality tag string will help to elevate your brand image, reputation, and product exposure. Send us your inquiries now!

Hang Tag String Detailed Specifications

Product Name: Hang Tag String
  • Plastics
  • Metals
  •  Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Resin
  • Silk
  • Tape
  • Elastic band
  • Cotton, etc. 
Sizes: Customized; Any sizes are available
  • Black
  • White
  • Silver
  • Gold 
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow, etc.
  • Printing
  • Embossed
  • Silver hot-stamping
  • Gold hot-stamping, etc.
Shapes: The shapes are fixed through the 3D mold.
Black Hang Tag Nylon String
Black Hang Tag Nylon String

Black hang tag nylon string is a safe and strong way to attach tags to a garment, purse, shoe belt, toy, luggage, gift, or any part where secured tags are required.

Customized Hang Tag String
Customized Hang Tag String

Customized hang tag strings are used to express brand identity. They must be cut off to be removed. A string seal is commonly composed of two parts with a string pressed inside.

Nylon String Hang Tag Fasteners
Nylon String Hang Tag Fasteners

Nylon string hang tag fasteners has 7 inches in length, these string tags are widely used as the strip of wash care label, clothes content label, goods price tag, etc.

Hang Tag Seal with Thicker String
Hang Tag Seal with Thicker String

Easy to label any item, garment, or product. Securely attach hang tags and other labels with these hang tag seals with thicker string snap loop locks.

Hang Tag Jute Rope String
Hang Tag Jute Rope String

The hang tag jute rope string does not break easily and looks rustic and classic. These fasteners are perfect for retail tags for garments and accessories.

Hang Tag Clothing Polyester String
Hang Tag Clothing Polyester String

Made of the polyester locker with nylon string, strong and durable, and easy to use, just string the tag and plug the other end into the locker.

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Wirwear Hang Tag String Benefits

Winwear is a leading provider of high-quality tag strings that gives enormous benefits in the clothing and garment industry:

  • Convenience
  • Versatility
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Sturdiness and withstanding capability
  • Available in multiple colors, materials, perfect sizes, and designs
Wirwear Hang Tag String Benefits
Hang Tag String Standard Stringing Methods

Hang Tag String Standard Stringing Methods

These are the common stringing methods that we designed for the hang tag string:

  • Knotted String
  • Looped String

Hang Tag String Different Material Types

  • Elastic Hang Tag String. A very special hang tag string made from elastic materials. It features stretchable length, high strength, and durability. 
  • Natural Cotton Hang Tag String. An eco-friendly hang tag string made from 100% natural plant materials. It is suitable mostly for cotton fabric clothes and some classic clothing styles and brands.  
  • Polyester Hang Tag String. This type of hang tag string is typically the most used for clothing or garment branding because of its specialized features, such as being rich in colors, smoothness, not easy to fluff, excellent color fastness, and cost-effectiveness. 
  • Satin and Leather String. Another form of hang tag string that expresses a fancy and luxurious feeling. Gives a very smooth and shiny appearance.
  • Wax Rope. Its very related to leather rope. Same with satin and leather string, this wax rope is also smooth and gives a luxurious appearance.
Hang Tag String Different Material Types
  • “Winrwear is a perfect company to work with! I always received all my hang tag strings at the exact delivery date. They give you the right hang tag string of your choice. No mistakes and always in good condition. Great customer service!”

  • “For the highest quality yet most inexpensive hang tag string, Wirwear is the right manufacturer you can trust on. They always ensure to give the exact variations and classification of hang tag string based on what their customers need and required. You are indeed the best Wirwear!”

  • “By using this hang tag string from Wirwear, gives me ease and convenience to advertise all my clothing products needs. High-quality consistency, extremely durable, reusable, and long-lasting. On the other hand, all staff is very friendly and accommodating as well. They never lack to give me some help and assistance. You are truly amazing Winwear! 

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