How To Make Embroidered Patches With Embroidery Machine?

Embroidered patches have a wide range of uses. They can be used to repair damaged clothing and can be used to decorate various fabrics. Embroidered patches are not only beautiful, but also extend the service life of clothing.


But how to make embroidery patches with an embroidery machine? The production of embroidery patches requires multiple steps and processes. This article introduces the production process of embroidery patches in detail.


Step 1: Preparation

Required materials and tools

  • Embroidery machine:It is very important to choose a suitable embroidery machine
  • Fabric:Choose the right fabric as the basis of the embroidery cloth.
  • Embroidery thread:The color and material of the embroidery thread should match the fabric to achieve the best decorative effect.
  • Scissors: Scissors are used to make extra threads
  • Sewing kit: For hand sewing
  • Iron:For fixing the fabric
  • Fixing clip:For keeping the fabric flat


Design pattern selection

  • Determine the pattern: Determine the pattern is the first step in making an embroidery patch plan. The complexity of the pattern depends on the function of the embroidery machine and its own technical level.
  • Create a pattern: Use design software to create a pattern. Common design software includes Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW.


Step 2: Make embroidery patches with an embroidery machine

  • Start and test the embroidery machine

First select the pattern to be embroidered, and then cross it through the needle. Make sure the embroidery thread is not knotted. Then press the start button. Observe once if the embroidery thread is correct. Check the settings of the embroidery machine. Make sure the size and position of the pattern are accurate.


  • Monitor the embroidery process

Place the fabric with the pattern on the embroidery machine and embroider according to the operating guide of the embroidery machine. After starting embroidery, keep monitoring it. Observe the status of the embroidery machine. Make sure the material is not broken. Check whether the fabric is intact. Make sure there is no interruption in the fabric. Check the progress of embroidery. Make sure the pattern is not offset. If necessary, the settings of the embroidery machine. Make sure that the desired effect is achieved in the end.


Step 3: Finishing and follow-up

  • Finishing excess thread

After completing the embroidery patch, check the overall effect of the embroidery. Use scissors to cut off the excess thread to ensure the beauty of the patch. But be careful not to cut the fabric.


  • Finishing the embroidery patch

Use an iron to iron the patch flat. Make sure the patch is flat. Avoid wrinkles. When ironing, pay attention to the temperature setting to avoid damaging the fabric.



After careful embroidery with an embroidery machine, the exquisite embroidery patches are finally completed. Looking at these creative and ingenious works in your hands, you can’t help but feel a full sense of accomplishment. After reading the process explanation in the article, do you know how to make embroidery patches with an embroidery machine?

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