How to make woven labels?

In life, woven labels are small but very important. A good woven label not only makes clothes look more upscale, but also makes it more convenient for people to wear it, because the woven label shows important information such as the material, size, washing instructions, etc. of the clothing. Therefore, whether it is a big brand or a small workshop, it should pay attention to the design and production of the woven label and make it the highlight of the clothing.


How to choose the right woven label material?

Making woven labels is a complicated process that requires close cooperation in all links. But the most critical step is to choose the right woven label material to ensure the final quality, durability and applicability of the woven label.

  • Polyester or nylon: needs to be washed frequently or exposed to harsh environments
  • Pure cotton or mercerized cotton: Clothing that needs to contact the skin, such as underwear or baby clothes.


How to make a woven label?  5 steps

1、Design artwork: First, according to the LOGO or brand image provided by the customer, design the structure, color, font and other elements of the label, and make the label design artwork. This step is the basis for making woven labels and determines the final visual effect of woven labels.


2、Plate making: According to the designed label artwork, the woven label is made. Plate making is divided into two types: relief printing and flat printing, and relief printing is generally used. The precision and quality of plate making directly affect the quality of woven labels, so this step requires great care and precision.


3、Material selection: According to the label artwork and customer requirements, select suitable yarns and materials for woven label production. Commonly used materials include polyester fiber, nylon, cotton, etc. When selecting materials, factors such as material wear resistance, washability and feel need to be considered, which requires solid knowledge of woven labels.


4、Weaving: Use high-speed looms for weaving. During the weaving process, the tension, density and color accuracy of the yarn must be guaranteed to ensure the quality and visual effect of the woven label. This step requires professional weaving technology and equipment support.


5、Post-processing: After weaving is completed, some post-processing procedures may be required, such as trimming, ironing, inspection, etc., to ensure the neatness and quality of the woven label.

The production process of woven labels may vary depending on specific process requirements, material selection, and machine equipment. Therefore, in actual operation, it is recommended to flexibly adjust the production steps and process parameters according to the specific situation.

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