How to make your own woven label?

As a unique and personalized identification, woven labels are often used for decoration and identification of clothing, household items or handicrafts. This article introduces how to make your own woven labels, including the complete process from style determination to storage organization:


Determine the style of woven label

First, clarify the purpose and occasion of the woven label, so as to determine the style and style of the woven label so that it can not only conform to the overall design style but also highlight the individual characteristics. When designing, you should pay attention to the layout of the text and the layout of the pattern to ensure the overall beauty and harmony. At the same time, consider using different weaving techniques and methods to increase the layering and three-dimensional sense of the label.


Prepare weaving materials

According to the determined woven label style, prepare the required weaving materials, such as colored cotton thread, wool thread, linen thread, etc. When selecting materials, pay attention to their texture, elasticity and wear resistance to ensure that the woven label is both beautiful and durable. In addition, you need to prepare weaving tools such as weaving needles, scissors, needles and threads, etc.


Weaving label shape

Based on the designed content, start weaving the label shape. You can choose different weaving methods such as flat weaving, crocheting or knitting as needed. During the weaving process, pay attention to keeping the lines even and tight to avoid looseness or twisting. At the same time, adjust the weaving speed and strength at any time to ensure that the woven label meets the design requirements.


Sewing or pasting

When the label is woven, it needs to be fixed on the item. You can choose the sewing or pasting method according to the actual situation.

  • When sewing, use needle and thread to sew the label firmly on the item;
  • When pasting, you can use double-sided tape or hot melt adhesive and other adhesives to paste the label on the item.

Regardless of which method is used, you should pay attention to keeping the label flat and firm to avoid falling off or deformation during use.


Check the quality

After sewing or pasting, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the woven label. Including the integrity of the woven label, the uniformity of the lines, the firmness of sewing or pasting, etc. If there is a problem, it can be repaired and adjusted in time to ensure that the quality of the woven label meets the requirements.


Arrangement and storage

Finally, the finished woven labels are sorted and stored. They can be classified according to the style, color or purpose of the label for subsequent use and search.

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