How to tie your shoes?

It is said that friends who can take care of shoes and tie shoelaces beautifully are the most shining ones in the crowd.However, shoelace tying is a seemingly simple job full of tricks. If you want to know how to tie shoelaces, follow the methods in this article and you will be able to do it easily!


How to tie shoelaces – Unlock 10 ways to tie shoelaces


Triangle tying method

  • Form a triangle: Select one side of the shoelace and pass it through the eyelet in a triangle shape to the top.
  • Cross-fix: Do the same with the other side of the shoelace and cross-fix it with the first side at the eyelet.
  • Tighten and adjust: Tighten the shoelaces and adjust the triangle shape to ensure comfort and stability.


Cross-tying method

  • Cross one side of the shoelace through the eyelet on the opposite side.
  • Continue upward, crossing through the eyelet each time.


Diamond lacing method

  • Cross the shoelaces and tie them to form a diamond shape.
  • Continue upwards, keeping the diamond shape each time you tie the knot.


Rectangular lacing method

  • Cross the shoelaces through the eyelets, keeping the two strands parallel each time you pass through.
  • As the shoelaces pass through, a regular rectangular pattern is gradually formed.


Spiral lacing method

  • Wrap the shoelaces on one side around the shoelaces on the other side in a spiral, or cross them in sequence according to the arrangement of the eyelets to form a spiral.
  • As the shoelaces pass through, keep the spiral shape and continue upwards until the top eyelet.


Encounter lacing method

  • The two strands meet in the middle, and one strand passes through the middle of the parallel lines.
  • During the crossing process, you can tighten or loosen the shoelaces as needed to ensure comfort and stability.


Parallel lacing method

  • The two strands are always in a parallel state. After passing through one from the first grid to the last grid, pass them again in the same way.


Orderly lacing

  • First pass through the straight part and then pass back through the diagonal part, keeping the laces in order.


Interlocking lacing

  • When passing through one side and passing back through the other side, hold the opposite rope.


Intricate lacing

  • After passing through one rope, wrap it around itself and wrap it around the other rope when passing back through.


Through the description of the above 10 methods, I believe you have a clear understanding of how to tie shoelaces. However, no matter which method you choose, the most important thing is comfort and safety. So after tying, you must pull it to see if it is tight or loose, and adjust it to the most comfortable state. You should know it now, right? Remember to tie your shoelaces carefully in the future. After all, if your feet are comfortable, you will feel better!

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