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Wirwear provides assistance and details, enabling customers to choose customized jean button styles that suit their brands.

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The jean buttons are typically made with two-piece rivets. They are heavier compared to shank metal or flat buttons that grip the waistband easily. The buttons for custom jeans come with inner nails in fabrics and on the outside top. Their rivets hold the waistband and buttonholes. They are available in different styles, including plain face, round, Oak design, text design, donut track, star style, etc.

Wirwear stands out for our jean button manufacturing and other related products. We provide custom buttons or rivets for jeans that satisfy customers’ needs and branding. Our professional R&D team customizes them using different materials, including brass and other metal alloys. Moreover, excellent button qualities are achieved using our advanced technology quality control equipment.

Metal Jean Button with Rivets
Metal Jean Button with Rivets

The metal buttons with rivets have customizable sizes and logos, depending on requests. They have round shapes with sustainable features.

Jean Button Waist Extender
Jean Button Waist Extender

Jean button waist extender has a flatback style with plating decoration. These buttons are nickel-free and available in 15mm to 25mm sizes.

Jean Button with Screw Nail
Jean Button with Screw Nail

The jean buttons with screw nails are also applicable for garments, overcoats, and bags. They are Oeko-TEX 100 certified and approved.

Engraved Logo Jeans Button
Engraved Logo Jeans Button

Custom jean buttons with engraved logos are available in different plating colors, including antique silver, gold, copper hues, gunmetal, and antique brass.

Engraved Jean Shank Button
Engraved Jean Shank Button

The engraved jean shank buttons feature sustainability, dry-cleaning convenience, washable, and nickel-free. Engraved brand logos are accessible.

Custom Pattern Jean Buttons
Custom Pattern Jean Buttons

Custom pattern jean buttons are available with plastic inserts, single & double pins, and movable style. They are eco-friendly and lead-free.

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Jean Buttons’ Custom Nails

Jeans Button Top Cap Specification

Pattern Top Cap Diameter
Small  12.5mm to 14mm
Standard 15mm to 20.5mm
Large 21mm to 40mm
Jeans Button
Jeans Button Technique

Custom Jean Button Surface Finishing

Wirwear designs custom jean rivet buttons with various finishes. The following are techniques we perform:

  • Enamel
  • Laser Coated
  • Plating
  • DTM
  • Epoxy Coated
  • Printed
  • more

Jean Buttons’ Bottom Design & Structures


The nylon structures of jean buttons are typically made from alloy or brass. They are also matched with an antimony screw track. These buttons feature,

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Excellent pull strength function

The prong ones have brass-made or alloy top-piece, also matched with pin tacks. They come with advantages, like

  • Economical
  • and high-performance strength

The non-swivel button designs are:

  • High-grade
  • Approved
  • Good pull strength performance
  • Non-rotation base

Swivel designs of rivet buttons are typically made from various metal alloys. They have:

  • Rotation-base
  • General
  • High standard
  • Good pull strength performance

The standard jean button types have an excellent level of pull strength. They are known for their features, like being

  • Common or popular
  • Economical
  • Comes with Antimony screw tacks
What is the Purpose of Rivets on Jeans?

Custom buttons or rivets are typically used as a way of fastening denim trousers or jeans. 

They secure and fit the jeans’ waistband into the wearer. The jean buttons need to have excellent quality, smooth finishes, and high strength. 

Are Jean Button Reusable?

Metal-made jean buttons are designed for single use only. 

However, if there are old jean buttons tightly attached to the waistband, the buttons are absolutely reusable. But applicable in separate pairs of pants or jeans.

What are the Materials Used for Jean Buttons?

Jean button materials require being at the standard of MSDS, CPSC, and REACH. They include:

  • Lead
  • Nickel
  • Cobalt
  • zinc content
  • Brass
  • chrome, and such
What are the Types of Jean Buttons?

Jean buttons have so many kinds of designs and surprisingly complex styles. There are many of them, others might look quite simple, but some have more with little items. These are some of them;

Donut. It has a flat, circular button and donut-like features with a center hole. They are simple and match perfectly with jeans nowadays. 

Shank. Round, small lump backside, right on its middle part, a relatively flat disc, and a little stud hole in the center. Shank buttons are commonly adorned or decorated with logos and designs.

Snap. These snap buttons are also common on jeans snap tops – it just needs to fit the stud into the post and snap it together. Ring-spring and S-spring snap buttons are the typical ones.

Spring Pressed. The female-male button is what others call it. The Female (button) has a small hole center and is a round disc. While the male (stud piece) has a round disc and small protrusion. The pair is placed to the side of the jeans and pinched together. 

Tack. This type of button has a unique design since it has two-piece buttons, unlike the others. The Spike of this button needs to be hammered through the jeans. Tack buttons also match the complete design of the jeans. 

How Thick are Jean Buttons?

Buttons of a suitable thickness play an essential role in designer clothes or for a button consumer. Understanding how to measure and how it will be perfect in a garment project. 

Right here are the different measurements of the buttons. The guide units are 24L-15mm-5/8in, 26L-16mm-21/32in, 28L-18mm-23/32in, and 30L-19mm-3/4in. 

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