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Wirewear is a professional leather label manufacturer. Committed to providing high-quality customized label solutions to customers around the world. Whether it is a high-end fashion brand or a personalized trend label, we can customize the most perfect leather label for you.

Wirwear Leather Label

Leather labels, although they are small labels on clothing, carry the infinite charm of the brand. Each leather label is the crystallization of the spirit of craftsmanship. After precise design and production, it presents the brand’s unique style and quality assurance.

Wirwear relies on advanced production equipment and exquisite craftsmanship to flexibly respond to various customization needs. Our leather labels are guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting. No need to worry about fading or wear. We can assure you that our leather labels have a sturdy construction and compact design.
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Leather Label Material Classification

Genuine Leather Label

Labels made from different animal skins have different characteristics and textures.

PU Leather Label

Labels made of PU synthetic leather look and feel like real leather and are relatively low-priced

PVC Leather Label

Labels made of PVC plastic material have good wear resistance and waterproof properties.

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Leather Label Technology Classification

Engraved Leather Label

Use laser engraving or heat pressing technology to directly engrave brand name, logo, size and other information on the leather surface.

Sewing Leather Labels

Cut the leather or synthetic leather into the desired shape, and then sew text, patterns and other details on the leather label through sewing technology.

Embedded Leather Label

Embedding logos or text into leather so that they are smooth and integrated with the leather surface can increase the quality and uniqueness of the product.

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What does a perfect leather label look like?

The perfect leather label can evoke an ultimate elegance or rustic charm. You can choose colors, fonts, symbols and text to create your brand label! You can choose between genuine leather and PU synthetic leather.

At Wirwear, all engravings use the latest laser technology. Feel our professional craftsmanship! Each leather label is a carefully crafted work of art. Add a unique touch to your clothing and make your brand stand out.

How to attach leather labels to clothing?

Holes can be punched in the corners of our leather labels to make them easier to sew onto the product. Additionally, leather rivets and screws can be used to fasten leather tags, which is a very popular fastening method, especially for crochet and knitwear.

Another popular way to attach leather tags is to fold them in half and attach them to clothing. Let us help you design your own perfect leather label!

Various types of artificial leather labels

Embossed Faux Leather Labels: These labels have raised designs or text that are pressed into the material by heating and pressurizing it. Embossed faux leather labels add a luxurious and tactile element to a product, enhancing its perceived value and brand image.

Embossed faux leather labels: Compared to embossed labels, embossed faux leather labels have a dimpled or jagged design. This technique creates a subtle and sophisticated look that adds a touch of elegance to the product.

Printed artificial leather labels: Printed artificial leather labels use advanced printing technology to print brand logos, text or artwork directly on the material. This allows for complex and dynamic designs that attract attention and reflect the brand’s identity.

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What material do you use for your leather labels?

When it comes to the leather labels we use our primary focus is quality, approximately 50% of the leather we use is Australian made with the remainder imported from Italy and the USA. Our leather goods are made from a range of vegetable, combination and oil tanned leathers, each carefully selected according to the type of product.

What are these scars on the leather tag?

Scars, insect bites, and tan lines are common on leather. Most of our leather is full-grain, the highest quality leather, which means the surface is unsanded and original traces can be seen. We avoid any imperfections that weaken the leather, but love the uniqueness of each piece of leather, creating leather goods with personality.

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