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Wirwear luggage strap

During the journey, luggage straps are an important accessory for luggage. They not only protect the safety and stability of the luggage, but also help you find your luggage quickly with luggage straps of different colors and patterns, reducing the risk of taking the wrong luggage. Luggage straps can also be used to tie up other items, such as sports equipment, camping equipment, tool boxes, etc., and have a wide range of applications.

Wirwear, as a professional luggage strap manufacturer, specializes in the production of various types of high-quality luggage straps. We have advanced equipment, a professional team, insist on choosing environmentally friendly materials, and use green production processes to provide customers with high-quality luggage strap products to ensure that every trip is safer and more convenient.

Luggage strap material type

Made of nylon, it is durable and can withstand frequent use.

Polyester luggage straps

The material is relatively soft and elastic, suitable for suitcases that require greater stretchability.

Canvas luggage straps

The canvas material has a vintage style and is suitable for outdoor activities.

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Luggage strap design type

  • Solid color luggage straps are simple and elegant, suitable for matching simple suitcases.

  • Patterned luggage straps

    Luggage straps with rich patterns increase the recognition of the suitcase and are suitable for personalized needs.

  • Brand luggage straps

    Printed with the brand logo, it is both practical and can showcase the brand image.

About Wirwear

Wide Selection
Wide Selection

Luggage straps are available in a wide range of colours, patterns and designs, from simple solid colours to stylish graphic styles.

Approved Ratings
Customer Recognition

Wirwear luggage straps are high-quality and have been highly praised by many enthusiastic customers.

After-Sales Service
After-Sales Service

In order to better meet your various needs, we provide a full range of high-level customer service.

Good Reputation
Good Reputation

Wirwear has maintained a good reputation in the industry by trading with integrity and providing quality services.

Luggage strap with multiple functions

Prevent luggage from falling
The luggage strap can secure the luggage to the suitcase, and it can be safely kept stable even when moving, turning or dragging.

 Increase scalability
The luggage straps on the suitcase are all adjustable, which can easily increase the capacity of the suitcase. Just adjust the length of the straps and you can put them in the suitcase without worrying about insufficient space

Secure other items
In addition to luggage, the luggage straps on the suitcase can also be used to secure other items. For example, you can use the luggage straps to tie drinks, umbrellas, etc. to the suitcase for easy picking and storage.

Luggage Strap Customization Options

Effective design is the key to the function and beauty of luggage straps. Wirwear has a professional team, we are very creative and can provide you with all your needs for custom luggage straps. You only need to consider the following aspects when customizing:

  • Material selection: Common materials include nylon, polyester and leather, etc.
  • Size and load-bearing capacity: Make sure it will not break or damage during travel.
  • Buckles and adjustment devices: Buckles should be durable and easy to operate. Adjustments should be flexible and reliable.
  • Color and pattern: Consider logo location, color selection and personalized design

Luggage straps available in a variety of materials

  • Polyester: Polyester is another common material that offers durability and bright color options.
  • Leather: Leather luggage straps have a natural texture and elegant appearance and are often used in high-end luggage or handbags.
  • Nylon: Nylon is a synthetic fiber that has excellent wear resistance, elasticity and toughness. It is lightweight and relatively inexpensive and is often used to make luggage straps.
  • Polypropylene: Known for its high strength, moisture resistance and wear resistance, it is a popular choice for luggage straps.

Why Choose Wirwear

Choosing Wirwear luggage strap manufacturer means choosing quality and trust. Because we focus on the research and development and production of high-quality materials to ensure that every luggage strap is strong and durable.

In order to ensure the excellent quality of our luggage straps, we use advanced process technology and strict quality control system. More importantly, we provide considerate after-sales service, so that you can enjoy more convenience and comfort during your journey.

Contact us today for your inquiries!

LOGO printing service

The printing method of luggage straps mainly depends on the material of the luggage straps, the complexity of the required pattern, and the production cost:

  • Thermal transfer: suitable for full-color graphics and complex details.
  • Screen printing: suitable for simple logos and designs, providing a cost-effective option.
  • Embroidery: provides high-quality, long-lasting effects suitable for logos and custom designs.
  • Sublimation printing: provides high-resolution, photo-quality prints.
  • Woven embroidery: The LOGO embroidered in this way is very delicate, colorful, and has a smooth surface.
  • Laser marking: Laser marking has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, and easy automation and integration.
Personalized service

Wirwear personalized service provides special design styles, providing you with a more unique and personal taste experience:

  • Customized patterns and colors: choose the color, pattern or logo of the luggage strap according to your preferences.
  • Theme series design: design luggage straps of different theme series. For example, luggage straps with the theme of world maps or landmark buildings; luggage straps with sports elements or sports brand co-branded models.
  • Material and process upgrade: high-quality materials, special processes such as waterproof, anti-fouling or reflective design are also important aspects of personalized services.
  • Multi-functional integration: luggage straps can also integrate some practical functions to increase their personalization. For example, with small pockets or zippers, with LED lights
  • Environmental protection concept integration: The personalized service of luggage straps can also integrate environmental protection elements, such as using recyclable or biodegradable materials, or adopting low-carbon and energy-saving production processes.

Luggage belt buckle type

Ordinary buckle luggage strap
  • Lightweight, easy to open and close
  • Easy to open and close, simple to operate
  • Good durability, suitable for daily use


Password buckle luggage belt
  • High security, can effectively prevent luggage from being stolen or opened by mistake.
  • Flexible adjustment: password can be set and changed as needed.


Metal buckle luggage strap
  • High strength
  • High durability
  • High safety


Wirwear luggage straps make your travel luggage stand out

Wirwear creates your own unique travel style, making your travel unique.

  • Very good luggage strap manufacturer, delivery speed ok, quality ok, looking forward to the next cooperation.

  • Although this is my first time to place an order with this supplier, the product quality is really very high, better than any other supplier I have worked with before!
    The customer service is very helpful, patient, and the customer service is also great.

  • The product is of good quality, the printing is clear, the material is of good quality and environmentally friendly.

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