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Price tags are suitable for various industries such as retail and clothing to help you display prices and improve product display effects.
Wirwear provides professional customized price label services to create unique label solutions for you. Whether it’s round or square, we can tailor it to your needs.

Choose Wirwear custom price tags to make your products stand out in the market!



Various shapes to choose from

A variety of preset shapes are available for you to choose from to meet the needs of different products and scenarios.

Round Price Tag
Square Price Tag
Rounded Corners Price Tag
Miter Price Tags
Fold Price Tag
Custom Price Tags
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Material selection for price tags

Paper price tags:
Suitable for general commodity pricing, such as retail, supermarkets and other places.

Plastic price tag:
Lightweight and durable, it is suitable for environments that require waterproofing and durability, such as food packaging and outdoor price tags.

Price tags for PET, PVC and other synthetic materials:
Suitable for outdoor or humid environments.

Exclusive pendants with customized price tags

Price tag hanging beads are available in polyester rope, ribbon, screw tape, and the following styles are also available:

  • Square hanging beads: hot stamping + polyester rope
  • Square glue: hot stamping + threaded tape
  • Round hanging beads: hot stamping (silver) + polyester rope
  • Irregular hanging beads: ribbon + polyester rope

Price tag additional label options

We offer rope customization for the price tag, giving you complete control over its final look.
  • Safety pin
  • Metal eyelet
  • Tassel
  • Plastic seal
  • Die-cut hanging function

Why Choose Wirwear Price Label Manufacturer

The design and printing of clothing price tags are often exquisite and have their own characteristics.
How to make consumers have a deeper impression of your products, you need to cooperate with professional price label manufacturers to customize exclusive labels, which will play a good role in publicity and promotion.
Wirwear is a trustworthy price label manufacturer. The following points are its advantages:

  • Fast delivery: from design to production delivery, the entire process is efficient and fast, with regular delivery.
  • Professional quality: high production and high quality while also focusing on customer experience.
  • Rich experience: The price tags produced by Wirwear are widely used in retail, jewelry, clothing and other industries, and have rich industry experience and solutions.
  • Customized Services: We offer custom price tags in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Price Tag Craft Options

Hot Stamping

The hot stamping content is clear and will have different flashing effects under different lights, which can instantly improve the price tag. Moreover, the hot stamping is available in a variety of colors.



Concave And Convex

It can show a three-dimensional relief effect and greatly improve the grade and artistic value of the product.




The UV process is done locally, and the UV will appear glossy regardless of the color, highlighting the key points to make it more layered and impactful, and more high-end.



Knife Mold

Price labels of various shapes can be made with different blades to increase the diversity of labels.



  • “Delivery was faster than I expected and I’m very happy with the quality of the product and the workmanship was great. The service was excellent and reliable. They made it custom just the way I wanted it and to my liking. Thank you so much! Super recommended Wirwear price tag manufacturer.”

  • “The whole process was perfect. The service is great and so are the products. I will choose this price label manufacturer next time.”

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