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Wirwear is China’s leading self-adhesive manufacturer, committed to providing customers with high-quality self-adhesive patches and excellent customized services.

Customized Sticker Manufacturer

Stickers are a simple and effective promotional label that can enhance the brand image of a product and are also a convenient way to transmit information. Therefore it is necessary to customize suitable stickers for your products.

Wirwear is a professional sticker manufacturer with rich experience and advanced equipment. No matter what your message or design is, we can meet your various needs.

Best-selling sticker types

Die Cut Stickers
Transparent Sticker
Round Stickers
Square Sticker
Biodegradable stickers
White vinyl stickers
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Quickly Customize Your Own Stickers

Customize your own stickers and we will provide you with a complete solution!

  • Personalized design: Design unique patterns and text for you to fully reflect your brand characteristics and personality.
  • Advanced printing technology: Using the most advanced printing technology to ensure bright colors, clear images, and durability.
  • Functional customization: According to your needs, we can provide patches with special functions such as waterproof, oil-proof, high temperature resistance, and removable.

Wide Range Of Popular Application Areas

Product packaging: Product promotion stickers, such as water bottle and wine bottle stickers, to enhance product image and market competitiveness.
Advertising: Customize personalized advertising stickers to increase brand exposure and appeal.
Gift customization: Stickers for rewards or gifts, adding unique personality and commemorative value.

What size is best for stickers?

Stickers on products that are too big or too small will fail to impress your customers. The following are recommended sizes:

  • Cosmetics: 1-2 inches (2.5-5 cm)
  • Custom cups: 2-3 inches (5-7.5 cm)
  • Food cans: 2-4 inches (5-10 cm)
  • Household appliances: 4-6 inches (10-15 cm)
  • Outdoor advertising: 8-12 inches (20-30 cm) or larger

Why choose Wirwear Sticker manufacturer


Advanced technology and equipment
Wirwear relies on advanced technology and equipment to ensure stable production efficiency and product quality.

Strict quality control
Wirwear sticker manufacturers conduct strict quality control on every process from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of finished products to avoid quality problems and defects.

Rich product line
In order to meet the needs of different customers, we have a rich product line. Provide a variety of choices in terms of material, size, color, printing, etc. to meet customers’ individual needs.

Efficient customer service
Efficient customer service increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. Therefore, Wirwear sticker manufacturers have established a complete customer service system to provide a full range of pre-sales, sales and after-sales services.

Sustainable development
We are committed to environmental protection and sustainable development, using environmentally friendly materials and processes so that you have no worries during use.

Innovative customized services
Wirwear has innovative R&D capabilities and constantly launches new products and new technologies. Meet your individual needs by strengthening the construction and investment of the R&D team.

Sticker Functional Type

Holographic Stickers

Holographic stickers are popular for their unique visual effects and anti-counterfeiting properties.

  • Strong anti-counterfeiting performance
  • Unique visual effects
  • Can be diversified and customized
Roll Stickers

Roll stickers are products that can be printed continuously on a long strip of paper and presented in roll form.

  • Efficient production
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Various material options
Weatherproof Stickers

Weatherproof stickers are designed for the outdoors and maintain strong adhesion in wind and rain.

  • High weather resistance
  • Strong adhesion
  • Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant
  • Easy to install and remove
Window Sticker

Window stickers are used to adhere to glass surfaces. It not only improves the appearance but also provides privacy protection and other functions.

  • Decorative
  • Privacy protection
  • Sunshade and heat insulation
  • “Great customer service and very good at communicating. Shipping is super super fast. I will order more from Wirwear Sticker manufacturer. I recommend you buy from them as well.”

  • “I have worked with Wirwear on several projects now. They are high quality and I will work with Wirwear again and again. The advantage is that the price is very competitive.”

  • “Best service as always! The sticker print quality is great! This is my third time! highly recommended.”

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