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Wirwear Custom Sticker Sheet

Customized sticker sheets can be easily attached to various items, not only telling us the information of the product clearly, but also helping us identify the brand and avoid buying fakes. At the same time, these sticker sheets can make the items look more beautiful and upscale. Therefore, it is crucial to find a professional sticker sheet manufacturer.

Wirwear is a leading sticker sheet manufacturer in China, specializing in customized sticker sheets for global customers. We strictly select raw materials, provide one-stop service, and use advanced printing technology to ensure that each sticker sheet has excellent quality.

Best Selling Sticker Sheet Types

Square Stickers
Custom Stickers
Round Stickers
Glitter Stickers
Biodegradable Stickers
White Vinyl Stickers
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Wirwear Customized Creative Sticker Sheets

  • New realm of sticker sheet design
    Want a unique sticker sheet? Wirwear has a professional design team. Let’s explore the infinite possibilities of custom sticker sheets. Here, your creativity and imagination will be perfectly displayed.
  • 100% customized
    The shape, size, and quantity of the sticker sheet are all up to you. Whether it is round, square, or any other irregular shape, we can make it happen for you. You can even display multiple sticker sheets with different designs on the same sticker sheet to meet your various needs.

Advantages Of Custom Sticker Sheets

This type of sticker sheet has the following features:

  • Customized size and shape
  • Can lay flat for easy storage and transportation
  • UV and waterproof
  • Easy to peel off and remove without residue

Why choose Wirwear sticker sheet manufacturer

Customized service:
Wirwear sticker sheet manufacturer provides personalized customization service, which can design, produce and customize sticker sheets according to the specific needs of customers.
Customization content includes label size, color, font, material and printing content, etc., to meet the special needs of customers.

Competitive price:
The cost of sticker sheet is relatively low. Wirwear can further reduce costs and provide customers with more competitive prices by optimizing production processes and improving production efficiency.
At the same time, the reusability of sticker sheet also saves customers more costs.

Product diversity:
Wirwear sticker sheet manufacturer is able to produce sticker sheets of various types, sizes and shapes to meet the needs of different industries and customers.

Sticker Sheet VS Kiss-cut Sticker

Sticker Sheet
  • A versatile base sticker.
  • Creates a coherent design.
  • Precise fit, no mix-ups.
Kiss-cut Sticker
  • The back of the sticker comes with a special cutting line.
  • The edges can be custom designed to make each sticker personal.
  • This design also greatly facilitates distribution and mailing.

Sticker sheet material specifications

Luminous Sticker Sheet

It has been widely used in night decoration, warning signs, advertising and other fields.

  • Enhanced nighttime safety
  • Good decorative effect
  • Strong customization
Transparent Sticker Sheet

It gives the transparent stickers a high-end and textured feel, making them stand out among many stickers.

  • Improve aesthetics
  • Easy to clean and maintain
Holographic Sticker Sheet

A paper that exhibits a grating diffraction pattern under visible light.

  • Strong anti-counterfeiting
  • Personalized customization
  • Adapt to various printing needs
Die-cut Sticker Sheet

The processing precision is very high, ensuring that each piece is consistent in size and shape.

  • Good display effect
  • Widely used
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
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