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The unique label on a T-shirt can immediately attract attention, help the T-shirt stand out from many styles, and become a key element to attract consumers’ attention. Unique labels can strengthen the brand image of T-shirts. They are not just simple information logos, but also an extension and communication of brand stories.

Wirwear is a leading t shirt label manufacturer specializing in providing high-quality, personalized T-shirt label solutions. With our deep understanding of the apparel label industry and rich manufacturing experience, we provide one-stop T-shirt label customization services for many brands and retailers.

T Shirt Label Classified By Function

Care Labels
  • Purpose: Provides guidance on how to properly wash and care for T-shirts.
  • Content: Includes washing methods and possible graphic indications, such as prohibition of dry cleaning and ironing.
  • Importance: Prevents T-shirts from shrinking, deforming, etc. due to incorrect washing methods, thereby extending their service life.
Size Label
  • Function: Mark the size of T-shirts to help customers choose the right size.
  • Content: Including specific data such as length, shoulder width, chest circumference, sleeve length, etc.
  • Importance: Ensure that customers buy T-shirts that fit them and avoid the inconvenience caused by inappropriate size.
Brand Label
  • Function: Identifies the brand and series of the T-shirt.
  • Content: Usually contains information such as brand name, logo, trademark, etc., and is an important identification mark of the brand.
  • Importance: Strengthens the brand image and increases consumers’ awareness and loyalty to the brand.
Ingredient label
  • Function: Display the composition and proportion of the T-shirt to understand its material composition.
  • Content: For example, “P:65% C:35%” means that the T-shirt contains 65% polyester and 35% cotton.
  • Importance: Let customers understand the material composition of the T-shirt and choose the product that meets their needs.
Decorative labels
  • Function: With its unique pattern and color, it becomes one of the highlights of T-shirts.
  • Content: The pattern can include text, images, graphics and other elements.
  • Importance: It can meet customers’ needs for fashion, personality and cultural values, and improve market competitiveness
Hang Tag
  • Function: convey product information and enhance the overall aesthetics of the T-shirt.
  • Content: including brand name, logo, brand slogan, etc., which are important elements of brand identification and promotion.
  • Importance: enhance brand competitiveness and promote product sales.
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Wirwear T Shirt Label Manufacturers Advantage

Strict Quality Control
Strict Quality Control

Each production step is strictly quality-checked to provide high-quality products on time.

100% Eco-Friendly Materials
100% Eco-Friendly Materials

We select certified woven materials for all our labels. Reducing negative environmental impact.

10+ Years of Field Experience
20+ Years of Field Experience

Wirwear commits to producing garment accessories, especially woven labels1998.

OEKO-TEX STEP verified
OEKO-TEX STEP verified

Wirwear attained sustainable textile production or STEP certification.

T Shirt Label Common Folding Method

Wirwear offers a variety of T-shirt label cutting and folding options:

  • Side label (flat label): directly sewed on the four sides of the garment, simple and clear.
  • Ring fold label: folded in half and sewn into the top of the garment to form a ring label.
  • Bend fold label: folded at 45 degrees at both ends for easy sewing and display.
  • End fold label: folded at both ends and sewn, clean and neat.
  • Book fold label: gradually shortened from top to bottom, with clear layers.
  • Manhattan fold label: the top covers the bottom to form a perfect appearance.
label cuts and folds

T Shirt Label A Variety Of Material Options

T-shirt labels have various materials to choose from, and each material has its own unique advantages:

  • Ribbon: soft and smooth, with elegant texture, easy to print personalized patterns, adding fashion and unique charm to T-shirts.
  • Nylon ribbon: durable and economical, resistant to washing and wear, suitable for daily use and frequently washed T-shirts.
  • Cotton ribbon: moisture-absorbent and breathable, soft and comfortable, with good hygiene properties, especially suitable for T-shirt labels in contact with the skin.
  • Weave ribbon: elegant with a sense of design, the unique weave process makes the label more sturdy and beautiful, highlighting the personality and quality of the T-shirt.

High Quality T Shirt Label Manufacturers

Wirwear is a professional t-shirt label manufacturer with rich experience and the following advantages:

  • The product printing is clear and not blurred.
  • The product is washable and does not fade.
  • Strict quality inspection, low defective rate.
  • Quick delivery, no need to worry about the delivery period.

T shirt label printing process selection

Wirwear t shirt label manufacturers offers a variety of printing methods, each with its own advantages:


Rotary printing

  • Principle: Rotary printing is a high-speed printing method that completes the printing process through the continuous rotation of the roller. However, rotary printing is not a common choice in T-shirt label printing because it is more suitable for large-scale, continuous paper printing.
  • Features: high speed, continuous, suitable for large-scale production.
  • Applicability of T-shirt labels: not commonly used, mainly because it is more suitable for paper printing.


Flexographic printing

  • Principle: Flexographic printing uses a flexible relief plate to transfer the pattern to the substrate through ink transfer and the action of the impression roller.
  • Features: strict environmental protection requirements, water-based, UV, LED, UV inks can be used.
    High production efficiency, suitable for large-scale production, diversified and rapid plate making.
  • Applicability of T-shirt labels: If you pursue high quality, high efficiency and pay attention to environmental protection, flexographic printing is an option.


Silk screen printing

  • Principle: The ink or pigment is brushed through the mesh on the silk screen, and then brushed on the substrate through the corresponding mold to form the desired pattern.
  • Features: The pattern is clear and bright in color. Applicable to various materials, such as cotton, linen, silk, polyester, etc. The cost is moderate and suitable for mass production.
  • Applicability of T-shirt labels: Silk screen printing is a common way to print T-shirt labels, especially when large-area patterns, complex patterns or multi-color patterns need to be printed.


Color printing

  • Principle: The pattern is printed directly on the substrate using a computer-controlled printer, including inkjet and laser printing.
  • Features: The pattern is clear and colorful. Flexible production, personalized customization and small batch production are possible. The cost is relatively high, suitable for customization with high quality requirements.
  • Applicability of T-shirt labels: Digital printing is becoming more and more popular in T-shirt label printing, especially for personalized and small batch customization needs. It can achieve high-resolution, multi-color pattern printing, and the design can be modified and adjusted quickly.
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Why choose Wirwear t shirt label manufacturers?

Wirwear is a leading clothing label manufacturer in China, we are happy to provide you with customized label services.

  • Competitive price
  • OEM and ODM services available


  • “Being able to provide high quality labels, the service and production aspects really couldn’t be smoother. I am very happy to have found such a reliable t shirt label manufacturers.”

  • “Wirwear provided me with great products and service, the whole process was superb. I will order more t shirt label from Wirwear next time.”

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