What is the difference between satin label and woven label?

Satin labels and woven labels are both labels attached to clothing, but they are different in material and purpose.


Woven label: The words are woven, so they will never fall off. They are usually made of the material of the fabric itself. Cleaning, care and other information are directly marked on the fabric by printing or embroidering. Their main function is to provide guidance on clothing materials, washing methods, ironing temperatures, etc. Woven labels are usually made together with clothing and are part of the clothing, often located on the inside of the collar or side seams.


Satin label: The surface is smooth, and the words are usually printed on the slippery side. It is made of silk or other soft fabrics. It is usually thinner and softer than woven labels. Satin labels are usually printed with information such as brand logo, size, ingredients, production location, and possible washing instructions. Their main role is to display brand logos and product information, providing consumers with purchasing reference and confirmation of product fidelity. Satin labels are usually located on the edges, lining or side seams of clothing.

Therefore, although woven labels and satin labels are both labels related to clothing, their materials, uses and contents are slightly different, mainly depending on the brand of the clothing they are attached to and the design intentions of the manufacturer.

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